Animas Ping - Does anyone have one yet?

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone actually has an Animas Ping yet? Specifically I am wondering about the size. The website say a case is not ready yet, so I am wondering how it compares to the 1250?


I got mine in the mail, and will start on it on Wednesday (!!). I don’t know much about it yet, but I do have it… It’s my first pump though, so I’m not sure how to compare it any earlier versions.

Hey Chuck, I just posted a comment on your page, but I’ll address this question here. I was wearing the 1200 for the past 4 years, and I would say the Ping is just slightly bigger. I think it is mainly in the thickness. As for a case, I’m not sure about it fitting any differently, because I have always worn mine in my pocket. You can send me a message if you like.

Have you noticed it eats through the batteries? I am on my third battery already, and have been wearing it just a bit longer than you. I wore the 1200 before this, and batteries seemed to last forever.

Hmmmmm…that’s interesting to know. I guess I won’t be so quick to throw my battery out this time. I will see if taking it out works this next time (hopefully there is no next time).

I have been using a ping since 9/15 changed the first battery about 2 weeks ago. That was kind of short, lets see how much this last. I am going to follow Tony’s advice from now. Mine came with a case which fits well and prevent the screen from scratching. I was told by the nurse that all pumps screen scratch easily. This is my fist pump and so far I like it. Initially I was into using the glucose meter/remote pump control. However, I have become fond of using the pump straight. I love its color screen and the glucose monitor screen is not as fun or clear. As it is my first one I cant compare with the 1250. All I can say is that it is fast and accurate and it does not bother me to carry it around.