Animas Ping

Since the Ontario Government started covering insulin pumps and supplies this September I am seriously looking into getting the Ping. I have to apply with the ADP(assisted devices program).It is a somewhat financial burden waiting for the insurance company to reimburse me. I like the idea of the Calorie King database being in the remote.It doesn’t matter to me that it isn’t in the pump because I am very consistent with testing my bs so I would need the Glucometer/meter no matter where I go.It will be nice when Animas develops a CGMS.Hopefully the Government will cover that too eventually.

Hi Dee, the Ping is not out yet in Canada and I guess it will take a couple of years before it comes out, but that is my impression… Since it’s a new product, it will probably undergo some sort of Canadian approval first. If you take a look at Animas Canada’s website, you will see that the Ping is not available. Unless you can buy it directly from the US? Here is the website: We would love it also!!!

I’ve been wearing the Ping for about a month now, and really like it for it’s remote glucose monitor. I find I don’t use the Calorie King though, as I do most of my carbo counting in my head or read lots of labels. That is faster than scrolling through the screen. Also, I don’t eat at most of the fast food restaurants listed, but others might find it very helpful.

I have been using the Dexcom 7 for about a year. It worked ok for the most part but now it continually gives bad readings, even after calibrating, so I am sort of giving up on it. I am getting ready to order and animas one touch ping pump or a minimed paradigm 522 or 722 pump. These are the 2 pumps covered by my insurance but I also want to use a cgm. Since using the Dexcom 7, I have found that many times you think your ok but its the times between shots that your bs might be spiking or crashing without you knowing about it. I found that on morning where I woke up and found my bs between 80 and 100, I thought was great. Only to find, from the cgm, that those nights my bs was dropping to around 60 at 2AM and rising from then till I woke up! This is where I expect the pump to help out the most. Hope to chat with you all soon. Ordering the pump tomorrow.