Animas Ping

I am fairly new to this site and am looking for info on the Animas Ping. I have been on a MM pump for the past 4 years and am currently using the 522. I am really interested in the Ping; I love that it’s waterproof and has the remote option. I’m hoping to hear from those of you who use it and what your experience has been. Does the pump have the bolus calculator and food database on it, as well, or is it only on the meter? What happens if you lose the meter or use more than one?? Is it truly waterproof? I’ve heard Animas is trying to integrate DexCom but haven’t heard approximate dates for release. That would be wonderful! Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

HI Ive been using it for a week, and it is very nice. I used MDI for 24 years and am happy with the pump so far.
They removed the food database from the pump, in an effort to make sure you check your BG before you eat! It’s really not an issue for me, as I never had a pump before, and I can imagine laziness with testing setting in ocassionaly. I have not gone swimming with my pump yet, but I have banged it and got it caught on a doorhadle and its fine. It is built very solidly, and the lime green paint job is cool. One feature I thought I wouldn’t need is the .25 unit rate, but for basal rates I have found this is very important. My ping is very comfortable for me to wear, either with its sleek black case, the belt clip, or just in my pocket, and I bought protective clear PDA covers for the screen. Also the screen is so easy to read and awesome to look at I find myself comparing TDD and bolus history more often than not! Even out late at night whenwalking my dog… And for backup my endo gave me an ultra mini meter. BTW, the convenience of the meter remote cannot be overemphasized! In any case good luck to you…

Thank you for this info! I understand they removed the food database from the pump. Did they remove the bolus calculator, as well? I use more than one meter (work, home, gym, etc) and want to be sure I have the bolus calculator even if I do not have the meter/remote with me. I think the remote feature would be wonderful, though! How have you found their support?

yes, the bolus calculator is included in the pump. the only complaints i have are having to download and install drivers to interface with the software, and that I waited two weeks to be trained once I got the pump.but all in all the support has been helpful, sending me an IR cable, and answering my questions, albeit more dilligently when I was a potential customer.

I think they moved the food database to the remote.

where did you get the pda cover for the screen. Did it fit nicely or did you have to cut it to size?

I bought a pack of PDA covers for 20 $ at Best Buy, they have to be cut to fit. I havent been using them much lately, I used them on my 1st Ping, and when they sent me a replacement, I kept the plastic on it for over 4 months. (the cover that came with it.) Now I am pretty careful with it, but have put a minor scratch in the cover, and may cut a new cover, if i can only find the darn things…
The one thing I remember is that they lasted a while, but lint got underneath it, since it was kinda tuff to get a good contact. Animas has come out with specific covers for 9.99 for 3, a bit pricey, but maybe they work better? The 20$ pack had I think 10 sheets, or about 20 covers total, if not more…

Hi, Jaime. I’m looking at getting a pump, and am looking for feedback on the MM paradigm, Animas Ping, and Pod. What has been your experience using the MM? I’m a little confused about whether the infusion set is waterproof or not (for the shower). Do you happen to have the CGM with your MM? Any info you can provide will be appreciated!

GW…Do you use a CDM with your Ping? I’m trying to find a pump that will work well for me. I’ve only recently looked into them and am trying to find as much feedback from users as I can. Being a new pumper, is the tubing a hassle?

Hi Marc,

I like both Animas and MM as far as the pumps go. MM is easier for me to operate. The menu is shorter, it doesn’t require as many button presses, and it’s a bit more intuitive for me. Also, both pumps have a bolus calculator that recommends an amount based on bg, carbs, and insulin on board. MM auto-populates the bolus amount and all you have to do is hit ACT, which starts the bolus delivery. With Animas, you view the amount on the screen and then manually enter it, which can take a bit longer. Also, when viewing the bolus history in the Animas pump, it shows if you used the EZ Carb feature to calculate your boluses, but it doesn’t actually show your bg or how many carbs you entered. It makes record keeping a little more difficult.

On to the cool things with Animas… The pump itself is waterproof and you have so many infusion set options. MM has a proprietary design so you have to use theirs. I love, love, love Animas infusion sets. With both pumps, you would disconnect at your infusion site to shower. The site that remains on your body is waterproof. MM pump is only water-resistant so you can’t swim with it.

As far as the CGM question, yes I did use MM’s system for a while. Have you tried it? It worked great for me for a few years, but then I experienced a lot of scarring, bleeding, and bruising at the insertion sites. It also wasn’t as accurate as it used to be. I am currently using Dexcom. Each system has it’s pros and cons. I actually like the MM software and view screen better, but Dexcom is much more comfortable to insert and wear.

I hope this helps!! Sorry if I gave too much info… ha, ha:)


Thanks! LOL…I don’t think there can ever be too much information! I appreciate the insights. Do you happen to know if the scarring, bleeding and bruising is common for CGMs? Or was it something that was associated with MMs CGM? It sounds like Dexcom is still able to provide you with accurate info where the Guardian wasn’t. Is that right?

The easier options sounds like a BIG plus…but since this will be my first pump - I really wouldn’t know the difference. So, if the Dexcom system is more accurate and works with the Animas, then that might be a better choice. Though…the record keeping might make it more of a hassle :frowning: As for the waterproofing for swimming…not an issue (lol).

Ahhhh…so many things to consider! I kind of feel like I’m over analyzing it too much. I mean, the freedom from multiple shots should be enough to make me happy with either choice! LOL My endo recommended the MM because that’s what she knows best. But, she provided me with brochures on both the MM and Animas as well as the Pod. She mentioned that the two patients she has, who are on the Pod, have had several issues with them. So, that didn’t sound very comforting. Though the idea of not having a tube to worry about was appealing.

It seems like MM offers several ongoing diabetes classes in my area - which is nice. I feel like I have to make a decision soon since my employer is going to switch insurance companies in October, and I’ve already met my deductible with the current insurance company. The pressure’s on and I keep looking for more information to try and make an informed decision…how much info does it take??

Again, I really appreciate all the info that you gave me. It really has helped.

Hello again,

Hhhmmm… As far as the bleeding, scarring, etc, there is a HUGE difference between the insertion needle of MM and Dexcom CGM sensors. Not to scare you, but the MM needle is similar to a harpoon :slight_smile: It doesn’t bother many people, but I had a difficult time with it. The Dexcom needle and sensor is the “width of 2 human hairs” or so they say. Your body type will make a big difference, though. If you are a relatively thin person, I would say MM is going to be less comfortable for you.

Have you tried a demo with each pump? I bet that would be really helpful. Some doctor’s offices have dummy CGM sensors you can insert to see if they are comfortable for you. I will give you my honest opinion… If you are definitely doing CGM and the waterproof/pretty-colored pump isn’t a dealbreaker, I would probably select MM. It’s pretty overwhelming when you start on any system. I feel like MM is easier to learn and navigate, plus you would have the CGM system on the same device. They have a good upgrade system should a new pump come out after you purchase this. And, MM seems to always be a leg up on the technology, which is a definite plus.

A few more things to consider as if you don’t have enough (ha, ha) :slight_smile: Right now I am using my MM pump and Dexcom, due to problems I had with MM CGM. I sometimes like having a separate device… i.e. when I workout I leave my pump off and carry the Dexcom transmitter with me, when sleeping I lay it between me and my husband incase it alerts for a low, etc. So, you wouldn’t necessarily have to use MM CGM if you selected that pump. Also, Animas has really small dosing. This isn’t an issue for most adults but could be if you are super sensitive to insulin.

No matter what you decide, it will absolutely 100% be the right decision! You will see a large improvement from what you are used to. Just remember there’s a learning curve and it can get overwhelming at times:)