Animas Ping Life Span

My warranty on my Animas Ping ran out. I considered the Animas EZ Access program. But didn’t like the idea of not having a warranty on a brand new item, and I received two opposite answers from their customer service, so by the time I got the correct answer and faxed the EZ Access form, it was the exact same day as my Ping warranty ran out, which also happened to be a Friday, a day on which they are closed in that division, so no EZ Access.
My question is how long is an insulin pumps life span? My Ping is actually only fourteen months old, as it was replaced under warranty.

While the warranty only lasts 4-5 years, I’ve used an insulin pump for 10 years. The limiting factor for the Ping is keeping it water tight. Be careful not to over-torque the battery cap! Even if you do crack the pump body, it would probably still give good service providing you don’the expose it to water.

My Ping warranty expired about seven months ago. It’s acted up a few times (stopped delivery randomly, though it always alarms saying it’s not primed), but otherwise works fine. I am very nervous exposing it to water, which sucks because I’m a swimmer. But I have swam with it a few times, each time I just feel as if I’m taking a huge risk.

I just got my endocrinologist to fill out the paperwork for a new pump, just in case I need it. My health benefits only cover one pump per lifetime, though, which is ridiculous. I’m feeling like I don’t want to “waste” my one pump on a Vibe, but now I have the paperwork and will request pre-approval so that I can order a new pump without much delay if my Ping breaks.

I found I could eliminate the “not primed must rewind” alarms by really torquing down the insulin cartridge cap.

Interesting. Did this happen to you randomly? I find that I’ll just be walking down the street and it’ll suddenly alarm that it’s not primed. If it’s just a matter of tightening the cartridge cap more, then that’s a really simple fix!

I may possibly be making a career move soon (still debating…), so if I do that and am successful, I’ll use my “one pump” on a Vibe and hope that my new job covers a new pump every four years.

Yes, that not primed alarm happened randomly. Customer service suggested the cartridge tightening and that cured the problem for me. I hated that must rewind stupidity!

I hope the career move works out for you. I think Animas makes a solid pump. I did crack a pump body, however, when I over tightened the battery compartment. I depend a lot on my eyesight to bury the the yellow o-ring and immediately stop.

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Yeah, over- or under-tightening the battery or cartrdige cap is a fear of mine in terms of waterproofness. I can’t see the o-ring so just do it by feel. I once did feel the Ping crack as I tightened the battery cap and called to get a replacement, but that was while it was still under warranty, obviously… I’m not too keen on the Vibe since I like my Ping, but it would be nice to have a pump with warranty coverage.

I was once told by Animas that if your pump breaks after the warranty expires they will send a loaner pump while the paperwork goes through for a new pump. Provided you get another Animas pump you wont be charged for the loaner, if you switch manufacturers they will charge you.

Dear friends
Thanks for all the replies. I think I am going to use this Ping till it dies. I don’t ever get it wet,wrapping it in a plastic wrap while going hiking for several weeks. I still cannot comprehend why the new Vibe they would be sending, warranty runs at the same time as the replaced Ping.

Mine was 8 years old when it started reverting to December 2007 every time the battery needed changing. They said that was an internal battery error. Not harmful, but a real pain. Bought a Tslim, started this week and very very pleased.

My ping has been out of warranty for a little over 2 years now, and the screen has dimmed considerably, but it’s still working fine. I am pumping untethered so even if something did happen to it and it failed, it’s not going to be the end of the world. I’ve been SUPER careful with mine since it has no more warranty - prior to my warranty expiring I had my pump replaced on average every 6 months, usually due to the button pad coming unglued or the pump cracking where the battery cover is.

I am kind of considering replacing it at the start of the year (I’d do it now but it doesn’t make sense with my high deductible so close to the end of the year - it’s better to do it at the start of the year, then everything is covered 100% from that point forward). I almost thought about doing it shortly after the Vibe came out, but I wasn’t 100% sure that’s what I really wanted to replace my ping with. I am glad I waited because now I am certain I’ll go for the t:Slim G4.

The “not primed” alarms have always been fixed with a new cap for me… Mine also reverts to 2007 with a battery change but all of the other settings are saved, it just loses the date/time. It’s annoying, but not that big of a problem.

Have had that problem periodically, too, with my Vibe – will try and watch the cartridge cap tightness to avoid it. Thanks.