Animas Ping Release date guesses for USA

I don't know what kind of prize, except admiration and acclaim from other users here, but here's my guess:

August 25, 2013*

*this is the date I think we'll be able to order it.

Any other takers. just for fun?

I assume you mean the Vibe, Jeff?

If we're talking about the Vibe, I had a meeting with the Animas Sr. Nurse consultant several weeks ago and the subject came up. She told me it is likely to come out in the first six months of 2014 in the US.

Yes 2nd quarter 2013, 1st half 2014, last year 2012, and so on and some other Animas Rep says 1st quarter 2013. I agree with Jeff let's guess because we can't get a true release date and as long as people are on a pump and do not have a CGM the companies are making millions $ on Test Strips.
So here is my guess July 02, 2013 for the Vibe or whatever they are going to call the pump with CGM read out.


Yeah, the Vibe.

I don't think CGM's are meant to replace regular testing (or test strips).

NorCal's nurse consultant is much more pessimistic than my Animas rep who is smart enough not to suggest a date. I was told that the target for filing with the FDA is January 2013. They obviously needed to wait for the Dexcom G4 approval before filing with the combined device. The rest is up to the FDA, but my guess is that we'll be seeing it next summer. The FDA has been pushing some diabetes devices through more quickly in the last 6 months than in previous years.

So playing along with Jeff's guessing game, I'll go with July 28, 2013.

Zoe is right that CGM's do not replace test strips. Some days I test less, but other days I test more. Today I tested 7 times in about 5 minutes for my two start-up BG reading for my Dex Gen4. First two meter readings were 84 and 127. And meter/strip makers don't think we have a problem....

I like my Dexcom 7 for testing out basal performance. If I test at the beginning (like, before I go to bed) and when I wake up, and the numbers are close, I interpolate for the fasting basal (assuming I didn't eat for the last 3 hours before bedtime.)

I'll be doing some serious basal testing over the Christmas break.

Zoe, you are 110% correct! All of the CGM material I have seen says NEVER base insulin doses on a CGM. The CGM materials explain in detail the reason for this. So, it has nothing to do with selling test strips.

I still use about 10 per day. Also, I tell my CGM my finger stick reading with every test. Keeps my CGM within about ± 5% while the documented range is about ±15-20% depending on manufacturer.

You are correct, but a diligent pumper or MDS'er without CGM will a minimum test 12/day to 15-17/day to keep basal and bolus as tight as possible. With a CGM you are requested 3 to 4/day and I probably do 5-6/day to keep the CGM honest as every time I test with a strip I put it in my Seven+
Bottom line being a "good" pumper or Multiple Daily Shooter uses more test strips than a "good" CGM'er and believe me the test strip manufacturers know that and their lobbyists know that too. Hence there is money involved. Why do you think you get gluco-meters for free, it is not because they are cheap it is because they can make a lot more from you using strips over and over!!!!
Why do you think there is such a slow advancement in transplants, island implants, and/or stem cells because that won't make as much money as supplying syringes, swabs, test strips, insuline, etc.!!!!

I find it easier to believe that Type 1 diabetes is an extremely difficult disease to cure and that no one is hiding that cure in a dark closet. I truly do not believe that there are conspiracies out there to delay technology in order to sell test strips. For better or worse, the FDA seems to be the bottleneck for technology innovation. One of the biggest problems relating to diabetes technology is how few people have access to these tools because of lack of insurance or insurance coverage for those items.

I do my best to take advantage of the best technologies available to me and I keep my fingers crossed that we’ll see the USA version of the Vibe in 2013.

The Vibe will get released in the US a couple of weeks before Dexcom releases the next generation CGM.

My guess is the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2013. I would hope that they held informal talks with the FDA, saying the pump is like the 2020 or one touch ping without the remote control. We will be using the Dexcom G4 cgm, which you need to approve before you approve pour pump. The only thing to approve is the pump as a pump and exact duplication of the Dexcom G4 cgm readout.

i hope it comes out in august it would be a nice birthday gift for me..i think it may be later then that though i just got the new dexcom g4 and no one seemed to think it would be out that soon we will see i hope i am wrong..