Animas Vibe IOB reset to 0 after battery change

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I’m on the Animas Vibe here for near 2 years. I really like the dexcom as it is very accurate. But I just discover a malfunction with the IOB calculation on my vibe. I search the forum and found some topics about issue with the IOB which doesn’t calculate the right amount of IOB. But my problem is different.

I give myself a bolus for food or to correct high BG, for example 10U. Then 5 minutes later, I change the battery of the pump. After the new battery is in the pump and the pump has restart, the IOB is reset to 0 which means that if I want to correct a high blood glucose level just after that, I need to be aware that I have still IOB.

Does someone here already notice that?

I have experiencing similar issues but in terms of reservoir level to be displayed. The display has shown 0 unit left in the reservoir.

The Ping does the same thing. My daughter took note of the IOB, then changed the battery & bolused the IOB amount into the sink before reconnecting the site. Wasteful, but it worked.

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No, I haven’t noticed, but you’re right. I see this as a design deficiency. Here’s confirmation from the Ping User Guide, a sister-model:

Changing the Battery
Each time you change the battery
• A full rewind and prime sequence is required. See Priming your Pump and Infusion Set, pages 22–24 in this chapter.
• The Insulin on Board (IOB) calculation starts over at zero. [my emphasis]
• The Combo bolus returns to the factory set default duration and split.
• You should review your basal program settings.

Now that you’re aware of it, you’ll need to factor the real IOB into dosing decisions in the near term. When I first started pumping, the pumps did not track IOB. I did all that with paper and pencil, manually. There were no bolus wizards, either.

Animas should fix this!

That’s weird. My stone knives and bearskins pager-- I mean my Medtronic pump–will start back up in the middle of a set change and remember where I was in the process.

Although the CGM inside the pump hasn’t figured out I hate it and have left it for another.


I agree. I used to use a Cozmo where changing the battery was simply taking out the old one and putting in the new one. With the Ping (and Vibe), you’ve got to go through the entire cartridge sequence every time a battery is changed AND you lose any IOB, combo bolus, and temporary basal rates currently in effect. It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been fixed in 2016!


And the dysfunctional belt clip, too!

I’ve fortunately not had any issues on that. I’ve been pumping for over five years and have only had to replace that clip once so far.

I’m not complaining about the belt-clip longevity. It’s the design that permits getting the belt or waistband inserted into the wrong place that bugs me. I often end up between the pump body and clip instead of in between the two intended clip surfaces. Allowing the entire pump clip assembly to pull away from the pump body and invite misplacement of the belt or band is an inexcusable design flaw that they’ve chosen not to correct. I complained directly to Animas almost eight years ago. I think they’re stuck in FDA cement.

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I agree with you. For a device of that price, in 2016, this is a serious fail in technologic design and conception. When I realized that, I spontaneously said “ah come on, they didn’t test that before release it on the market!!!”

I also agree with the Medtronic. I’ve been on a Medtronic for 10 years before the Animas and in that way, the medtronic was designed better. Pumping for 12 years now, I can compare both and this is, in my opinion, a beginner flaw. This kind of misconception may results in erroneous calculation and injection.

It may be Medtronic’s fault that Animas pumps drop IOB during battery change. Medtronic’s infamous patent infringement suit limits many design features.

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I believe it’s in the documentation. Though I did not go thru the full training process from Animas (the trainer they asigned already knew me and had trained me on the Asante Snap I started with), one thing the trainer did mention in the list of 'things to note" about the Vibe is that, yes, IOB and Temp Basals reset when changing the battery. Not fun, but documented.

I understand that it was Medtronic that disallowed Animas from populating the dose field with the calculation of the bolus wizard. That forces us to scroll up in a serial fashion for every bolus dose to be delivered. This was and continues to be a disservice to the entire diabetic community.

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Never got to use the Cozmo, but from discussions on here, and with my original Asante rep, Cozmo was probably the best pump, period. Can’t vouch for how it compares with the newest players, like T:Slim, etc. Asante told me that when designing the features of their pump, they tried to replicate many Cozmo features without violating the Patents that are still in place from it.

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It was the best pump, by far. My 2007 Cozmo had more features than any of today’s pumps. My only complaint about it was that the screen was extremely difficult to see even with a magnifier for me. I still have my old Cozmo and some cartridges, and if my out-of-warranty (and badly cracked) Ping kicks the bucket, my plan is to fire up the Cozmo rather than getting a Vibe (I’m holding out until the next generation Animas pump with automatic basal adjustment comes out).

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