On trial with Medtronic, but think I want Animas Ping -need advice please!

I picked the Medtronic in November when I started pumping because I wanted the CGM. I didn’t do research on any other pumps, because I didn’t know of any that had the CGM. But after I paid for it, the trainer told me the REAL price of CGM. I don’t have much coverage, and can’t afford the CGM. So now, I feel I owe it to myself to research a bit, and think I like the Ping better. I especially like the meter remote! I have until the middle of February to give back the Medtronic if I want to. Does the Ping remind you to check your sugars or bolus at all? Does it have an alarm clock that I can set? I need advice please!!

I just got my Ping, sugarbabe, so I’m far from an expert. But yes, you can set it up for reminders to check blood sugars, etc. I talked with my rep about their plans to integrate with the Dexcom and he said they are looking at somewhere around a year, though everyone says those dates are always optimistic. You can upgrade to the integrated system for $300 when it comes out.

please excuse me naivety, but what is Dexcom? Is it available in Canada, or just the U.S.?

An alarm clock built into your pump is a brilliant idea! You are always lugging it around anyway!

The Dex is a stand alone CGMS. I am not sure if it is available in Canada. In other words, you have a seperate unit that you carry to show you your blood sugar readings, which you have entered into the Dex as directed from finger sticks. It is hoped to be integrated with the Animas, as is the Medtronic is currently available as one unit pump and CGMS combined.

does that mean that the Ping doesn’t have an alarm clock? I have my Medtronic set to buzz me in the morning, and since I wear it in my bra at night, I wake up quick! lol!!

The Dexcom is not available in Canada .

sugarbebe are you wearing a Medtronic Veo ?? …the one I am patiently waiting for to replace my Medtronic 522 , which is out of warranty for over 2 years …and my PBC Insurance only will replace , if the pump is not functioning… However both Medtronic and my Specialist are working on getting the Veo for me

I wear a CGMS ; the Veo will stop delivery , when a Low occurs …sounds good to me :slight_smile:

My CareLink program has been " corrupted " recently and I cannot access, but other functions are a OK .
PS maybe you like to come to the Canadian Tu site as well ? …some discussions pertaining to Canadians living with diabetes.

haha! a canadian site would be better for me, hey?
Yes, I am wearing the Veo. i wanted the CGM, especially because of the feature with the lows, but I can’t afford it now that I know the true price. If I take the CGM out of the picture, I think I may like the Ping better because of the meter remote. I have spent 4 of my 6 years as a diabetic with an Ultrasmart meter, and want it back!! I don’t like the Contour that comes with the Veo. Don’t know why, just don’t like it. But need details on the Ping, as the rep can’t get to me until a week before my trial with the Veo is over. I don’t think it will be enough time to decide, so want details now.

I’ve been on the Omnipod and because of insurance changes have to move to a tubed pump. Currently trying on a Medtronic for 3 days. I was talking to a guy who works at my Dr. office today and he said the closest thing to an Omnipod is the Animas Ping. I think it’s the fact that you can bolus remotely which I love with the Omnipod. Do a search for pump comparisons. Try this site:


I think they are all pretty much the same when it comes to alarms and stuff but the fact you can bolus without dragging out the pump and that it’s waterproof has pretty much sold me on the Ping.

wow, good site. -thanks barb!! Pretty much answers my questions.
The only thing left is to ask anyone who knows -I am on my last infusion set with Medtronic, and even if I called Animas tomorrow, I would need a few sets before I would get the Ping. Can i buy another pack of infusion sets for my Veo, and will they work in the Ping? or will the leftovers be wasted money? don’t want to waste a $100 or more!

Yea, I have about 2 weeks left on the Omnipod and have about 4 infusion sets for the Dexcom. I’m saving them for something important end of the month and you can get 2 weeks out of them so that’s about 2 months. Then it’s bye, bye Dex unless all my calls to HR gets me special compensation!

Sugarbabe : It is your choice and what ever you choose is Best for you …we are all different . I live with diabetes 28 years , some much longer , others shorter …I love my MM and …CGMS has been very helpful …kept me out of the Emerge at local Hospital and beyond, while hopping across time zones …

PS Oh , I am much more Senior in age to you, no doubt and simple minded …what I mean …want to keep it simple .Another PS I am going to Maui , Jan 23 and plan to wear my MM while in the H2O .

Here’s another review

@ sugarbabe …Are you not covered by Sask Pharmacare.??..of course your deductable ( sp ? ) will not have kicked in …darn

@ Barb Whiton …some of the ones displayed on the link are not av. in Canada …the poster lives in C.
( while we are not holding this against her I hope …because I am too !!, ha, ha )

This is really of topic here , however it may financially benefit YOU.
No , no , Sask gal …I did not say, your quote : a Canadian site would be better for me, hey?
This is what I asked… : maybe you like to come to the Canadian Tu site as well ? …some discussions pertaining to Canadians living with diabetes…I am ( seriously ) referring to the Disability Tax Credit and the RDSP …hope to hear from you ( I lived in S’toon for 5 yrs …have a soft spot !! )

Totally get ya Nel -you aren’t trying to send me away, just suggesting I belong to both groups -I agree!! However, can’t find a Canadian site, just a Canadian group on this site -is that what you had meant?
I am already looking into the Disability Tax Credit, as Type 1 is actually my second autoimmune disease. But, what is RDSP, and Sask Pharmacare? The government already pays for part of one of my expensive drugs for the first auto immune disease, but nothing else. And my coverage for the pump is very little -any advice on finding extra coverage would be helpful!!
btw, live in Humboldt -1 hour east of S’toon! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, the Dex I dont believe is available in Canada. Have a look at this thread.
It is a pretty amazing device though and no doubt helps with tighter control.

I switched from Medtronic to the Ping and I am very happy with my decision. I bolus almost exclusively from the remote.

Regarding the alarm clock the Ping doesn’t have an alarm clock like Minimed did under utilities. However it does have two bolus reminders which you can set up and they function just like Minimed’s alarm clock. I set them if I think there might be a power outage. On the Ping you would access these from the bolus menu to turn them on.

For Insulin Pumps and supplies

This contact maybe of help :

S.U.G.A.R. is a national charity providing assistance to people with diabetes by distributing S.U.G.A.R owned devices such as insulin pumps to patients based on need.

Website: http://www.sugarcharity.org

Email: terryannethomson@sugarcharity.orgThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Message line: 905 632 0932

Mailing address: c/o 495 Enfield Road, Burlington, Ontario L7T 2X5


And I assume , you are over 18 ??, then Saskatchewan does not cover pumps and supplies as per the link .
More Advocacy required .!!!