This past week was the week of my anniversary and I say week because my diagnoses took about a week to complete. It starts on July 12,2006 with the last bday party where I was able to eat my birthday cake with no care or worry of insulin or BG’s. It goes through the 13 when I got my lab results with fasting BG of 273mg/dL (not that high even though it had been 4months of no treatment) the 15th my birthday when 2doctors confirmed that I did have T1D and finally July 20,2006 when I began my insulin treatment.
Its funny how when I think about all this it feels like it wasn’t me, like I was watching a movie or someone else life. Worst of all I think is that I’m still not use to the fact that I have this disease. I mean I never miss a BG check or insulin but I still feel like someone is going to say “JK this was all a joke!!!” …I don’t know. I still hate T1D no matter what people say. It didn’t teach me to eat healthy or work out more because I was already doing that happily. Instead it gave me shin splints so working out is harder, made me gain weight so working out is harder made me hate family dinners because I have to pretend to be happy so that everyone else doesn’t get depressed over the fact that I’m not really eating, it made me hate wanting to go out with friends because I can’t just grab and ice-cream, coffee or even a diet soda on the spot. It made me hate traveling because half my bag will be pump supplies, going through security is hell, dealing with highs and not being able to work out keeps you high.
Nonetheless, I still wake up and I try, I look at what I have in my life and I am truly thankful because I am a very lucky person. I guess T1D thought me to look at the world in a different way. I’m starting my 5th year as a T1D and I’m going to do everything to have a real smile on my face to be happy about the little things and let a couple of highs slide by without giving myself the guilt trip.
1st day of my new year here I COME!!!

You can have this positive attitude or a negative one…you can deal with what you’ve been dealt or not. All we can do is try to make the choices that lead to a happy, healthy life…not easy, but beats the alternative. Someone on this site a few years back said, “Too blessed to be stressed.” I have tried to remember that. Happy Anniversary!

Thank you Elaine :slight_smile:

My 2nd anniversary comes up in September. You are allowed to feel however you want to feel. T1D isn’t a gift. But I am thankful both of us are still alive and doing o.k.!

Thank you Kathyann, it helps to hear that… I do hope you have a better anniversary than I did, but like you said we are allowed to feel however we would like…