Announcing the birth of a new baby...ummm...I mean...a new group! Type 2 Teens!

Hey there!!! A new group was born today here at TuDiabetes....
I am inviting you to join...Type 2 Teens!!!

I was looking about for a group specifically geared to Type 2 Teenagers, and to my surprise....nothing!!
So....if that's who you are, Type 2 and a teen or young adult, this group is just for you :)
C'mon, and be supported.
Spread the word!!!

Great idea. Love the Archie pic. Brings back memories.

do teens still read Archie now?

Thank you Gerri....the plan is to incorporate the name of the new group in my greetings; to new members....and when doing birthdays! I'm excited about this new group....and I hope it helps reach out to a growing community.

sending out a few tweets on this!

here's a link to the group

Thank you so much for your help Marie ♥

Another great idea telling young new T2 members & with birthday wishes. Yay for Marie tweeting it. Hope you have many members.

Hopefully!!! I've sent "birth notices" to various spots!!

Can I be a teen? Great job Linda. This is a wonderful idea. In doing the We;comes many teens ask about this. I know it will be so helpful to many. Reed

Thank you Reed :)
There seems to be more and more Type 2 teens!!!

I don't see why Reed can't be a member. We all know he's still a teenager at heart. I think this is a great idea. Thank You Linda

Thank you're welcome Stemwinder.