Annoyed... Furious... I started Victoza the 23rd of December... Thank you Paula Deen... HA!

Prior to that I had called my health insurance provider to inquire about costs. At THAT time Victoza was a Tier 2 medication for me so my copay would have only been $35.00 and over the next 6 months -$25.00 for that Thanks to my Victoza discount card.... From December until this past week my Dr. had been giving me samples of it until we figured out the proper dosage which still isn't working "Magic" on me and have just added back in Metformin. ANYHOW. Today I go to the pharmacy and pick up my script. $45.00 I explain that I called my insurance company blah/blah/blah... They tell me that the script would have been $70.00 but minus the $25.00 discount Thanks to the card it was $45.00 SO I don't take the meds and call my insurance to find out what the problem is. After MUCH deliberation the lady tells me its Tier 3 medication. I go home and call my insurance once again just to double check and the nice man on the phone tells me it went up the first of the year to a Tier 3 medication! Should I be THANKING PAULA DEEN for this? Fortunately I can mail order and it will "only" be $175.00 for a 3 month supply but OMG. I am floored. I can't believe that these companies move this stuff around and you know it is for their benefit.

What a joke, what insurance company are you using (if you dont mind telling).


United Healthcare... their prescription coverage is through MedCo... and yes... I agree... Total joke!

Does Victoza make you ill? Nausia, vomiting, lethargic, flu-like?

I am curious, because that is what it did for me.

No not at all... The first week or 2 I had a mild headache pretty much everyday but I was also drinking Crystal Light which I can't tolerate the Aspertame in so who knows.
Other than that... NOTHING.

Honestly, you cannot blame Paula Deen or even Novo-Nordisk. This is not the drug company but your insurance company changing its policy toward the medication, in changing it to a different tier.

Teri... you are missing the sarcasm although I wouldn't put it past any insurance company.