It's Official, Insurance won't cover Victoza

I’ve been on Victoza for two weeks now, still working on the Pen the doctor gave me. My husband went to get the Dr. prescription filled today and came home empty after hearing that it would be 300.00/mo and that our insurance won’t cover it.

The pharmacist recommended I talk to the doctor about Symlin pen or Junuvia. Problem is, I’m pretty scatter brained and anything that has to be taken at around the same time every day is going to be a serous problem for me. Plus Victoza is working so well I hate to give it up and try something different.

Question…I’m still on the .06 dose and it’s working great. I’m sure the prescription was for a full month’s at 1.8 dose. So it figures that if I get the Dr. to write a prescription for just .06. Anyone out there still on that dosage know how much that would cost per month? We sure can’t afford 300.00 a month. But half that, maybe?


Victoza is a substitute for Byetta. See if they will rewrite the Rx for you.

I tried the 1.2 dosage, but it didn’t work as it was supposed to. My 2hr PP was sky high, but then 2 hours after that I went Hypo (into the low 50’s).

So, I just stick to my insulin…

Note: The makers of Victoza must be doing something LEGAL for the insurance companies to not want to pay… no kickbacks perhaps?

Don’t give up. Push back. Insurers will cave if there is enough pressure.

I thought my insurer (Aetna) would not cover it either, but I now pay $45 a month copay for two pens a month, after getting a note from my doc saying I didn’t do well on Byetta.

Thanks Zolar,

From what I’ve read Victoza isn’t a substitute for Byetta, but rather an alternative to Byetta. Byetta won’t work for me since it’s a two times a day medication that has to be taken 1 hour before a meal, and can’t be taken after a meal. I’m way to scatter brained to remember to take the shots when I should, believe me. I can’t even get my cloths out of the dryer before they wrinkle because I get too caught up in whatever I’m doing & the timer goes in one ear and out the other. I’m lucky if remember where my car keys or my purse are when I’m wanting to go out. I’ve even fogotten to give myself my Victoza shot once already and I’ve only been taking it for two weeks.

My Dr. finally gave in and redid my Metformin RX since I could never remember to take it twice a day. Now I only take it once a day and am ashamed to say I probably forget to take my meds altogether at least once every week or two. This is nothing new…scatterbrainness has been a life long battle (mom had it too…we drove my poor dad nuts between the two of us). So, needless to say, I know my limitations when it comes to taking medicine (which I never had to do until diagnosed with Diabetes 2) and trying to take Byetta twice a day and an hour before I eat, would be a disaster.

Hopefully the .06 will continue to work for me…it’s done wonders for my sugar levels now. The lowest I’ve fallen is 78 (last night) and the highest I’ve been in the last two weeks was 164 and that because I tested too soon after a meal. Most the time it’s running 100 - 120…down from averages in the 175 - 230 range on a regular basis. Victoza, for me, is amazing and something I’m willing to pay for, but I can’t afford it at the tune of 300.00/mo. Surely, if I can stay on .06 it won’t be near that. Anyone know how long a single pen lasts and how much it would cost?


My insurance covered mine, and the doctor should have samples to give you. Does the doctor want you to go up to 1.8? I think the first pen lasted me a month.

Are you in menopause? Because you sound so much like me.

The first time the Dr prescribed it to me, the insurance company denied it. Told me I had to try more pills first. Now that I tried more pills besides just metformin without good results, they cover it.

Michele, bless you, I’m a good 10 years past menopause. LOL! That’s ok though, I did go through it quite early.

Thanks Jeremois! My husband went in and talked to the director of human resouces and he tried again and got it 3/4 covered! Yahoo!!! I can afford 25.00 per pen, since so far it’s only one month a pen I’m needing. Even if I end up on full dose, 75.00 is a whole heck of a lot more affordable then 300.00/mo!

Great news. That’s what we need, more active patient consumers. Good luck on the meds. It’s done a lot for me.

Like a lot of T2s, I’ve been through the pharma zoo with Actos and many others. I’m now on Metformin, Glimepiride, and Victoza (1.8/day) and things are as good as I’ve seen them in a long time. My A1C is still over 7.5 but much better than in the past. I’m using 2 pens a month at this dose.

One thing that I noticed re the cost of Victoza is that my endo renewed my prescription at 3 pens a month. I think she miscalculated, thinking I was using more than I do, but the upshot is that the copay ($45/mo) is the same at 3 pens as it is at 2. This is a 50% savings for me so those who are struggling with the cost of Victoza should check into this with their insurance.


I’m so glad you are doing well and hope that A1C continues to drop. I’m on .6 dose and that’s one pen a month, so if you are on 1.8 that should be 3 pens (.6 x 3). My husband just got my perscription filled, and they made a mistake thinking I was taking 1.2 and gave him two pens. I’ll only use one, and I understand that they aren’t any good after a month. Guess I’ll find out because at the cost I’m going to try to use the 2nd pen the following month (which will be June) and we’ll see how effective it is. I’ve started keeping mine in the fridge, even though the coldness makes the shot sting a bit when you give it (I never felt it when it was warm). My Doctor did warn me about that though, and said it’s ok to leave it out of the fridge once you’ve started using it But much of what I read in here said it stays effective longer for many if it’s kept in the fridge.

I think your prescription was filled correctly with three pens since you’re on the highest dose.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your numbers are better under control now. Mine are still wonderful after the 1st full month on Vitoza (started the 22 of April, 2011). Still loving it. No weight loss though, but then I am on the lowest dose.

A couple of things about dosage. I’m glad it’s working for you but i think there’s a misconception about the low dose—you’re not supposed to stay on it for more than a week. You may not be getting the full value (it’s a real medication not a homeopathy)

Here’s what the dosing information says:

“The 0.6 mg dose is a starting dose intended to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms during initial titration, and is not effective for glycemic control. After one week at 0.6 mg per day, the dose should be increased to 1.2 mg. If the 1.2 mg dose does not result in acceptable glycemic control, the dose can be increased to 1.8 mg.”

Regarding using it after the first dose, my understanding is that you have 30 days after it is stored outside the fridge. Here’s what the official website says:

“Use your Victoza pen within 30 days after the first day it is stored outside the refrigerator. After these 30 days, throw away your Victoza pen even if some medicine is left in the pen.”

COST SAVINGS by upping prescription to 3 pens.

I checked on the shelf life of Victoza. If stored in the fridge and unopened it can last upwards of two years (expiry date is stamped on the box end) so it sounds like you could up your pen count and save 50% of your costs, by using the 1,2 dosage and buying 3 pens at a time, assuming your insurance doesn’t increase your copay.

Also, dont forget to sign up on the Victoza website to save $25 per month for the first year! I missed out on that the first time.

My bg started improving even the first week. Thankfully I got used to it. I felt horrible for the first 2 weeks. Now I tolerate it quite well. YAY! For the first time since I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, my fasting bg is now below 145. It’s usually below 120 now!

I take Metformin, glimiperide and 1.2 mg Victoza.

Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the reminder on the discount. I’d hate to see someone not use or even try Victoza because of the cost. It’s not a miracle drug but it’s helped me. I went up to the 1.8 dose but haven’t seen much change from the 1.2 results. Also, after losing about 10 lbs weight loss has stabilized. I’m on the same oral meds as you. Let’s stay in touch.

I t hink your dosage needs to be what your Dr tells you. I started at .6, got fantastic results and my Dr tells me to stay at that dosage, which i’ve done for a month now.

Probably the intent of directions to start at .6 is in order to minimize the side before you go up in dosage if required. Certainly not to instruct you to increase the dosage if you don’t need to.

That’s GREAT news!

Too bad Victoza doesn’t work for me…

Funny that it works for some people but not for others. One side effect of it working for me though is that I’ve definitely found myself not watching my diet as closely. It’s easy not to worry so much about it since the Victoza is super at keeping the sugar levels in check. Of course, I’m sure that’s why the weight loss so many talk about isn’t working for me but I do love having more food choices without having to worry about the side effects of high sugar levels.

My Doctor isn’t going to see it that way though, I’m sure. He’s hoping to see at least a 10 pound weight loss at my next checkup. I’d better start back to walking every night. Think I’ll hook up the dogs and head out right now!

Later all!

I signed up a couple of months ago and I only got to save 25.00 for the first 6 months. Bummer!