Today in science I pulled out my pump to see what time it was and next thing I know the kid next to me is leaning close to me staring at my pump. i asked him what hes doing and he says "looking at your... thing. that's for type2 right?" i wouldn't be so annoyed if it wasn't the millionth time this kid has asked me if i had type 1 or 2 and the millionth time he asked me what my pump was! ughhh

Some people just aren't ever going to get it.
You can roll your eyes and ignore him. Or you can type up a little index card that says "I'm type 1 Diabetic. My pancreas does not make insulin, I use an insulin pump to supply the insulin my body needs." Make a million copies and give him one everytime he asks...

Well, if he's that interested and you don't think he's just pretending to be interested, I'd give him a tour of your pump. He may be the next guy to go into medical technology or medical research and create a big break-through. I'm sure Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were all really annoying science and technology geeks in high school (Google their pictures some time!) but how many lives have they changed? How many technological advances have they been involved in?

Then again, maybe he just thinks you're really cute? ;0)

good idea maybe then he'll finally understand, and i think hes doing it to get on my nerves cause hes one of those kids that is always in trouble and never does his work and gets on EVERYONE'S nerve (and is the opposite of geek ha ha)and he is the main kid i hope doesn't think i'm cute 8) ha ha

Well, I was the hair-to-her-bum hippie chick who played guitar and started college as a music major. No one ever expected that I'd end up a software engineer for Fortune 100 companies. ;0)

You just never know...

But if he's not your cup of tea and you don't want to encourage him, I perfectly understand.

Hey, the young man may also be attracted to you and might be looking for ways to break the ice. But from the sounds of it you might not like that idea.

We guys can be total smucks just trying to say hello to a member of the opposite sex.

hes been acting a lot nicer and less annoying since he just got a girlfriend so hopefully he will stop but thanks for the ideas everyone! 8)

I hate when that happens. When people ask me if they can play with my "game boy" or ask if it is one i just look at them and say ya its a gameboy with a tube attached to it... No its not game boy now leave. then they never ask me again. lol

Maybe I need to start using that pick-up line when I see an attractive female with a pump.