Another 2 km

I had to force myself to go swimming tonight. I did not feel like it much at all, mostly because the next two weeks I dont' get much of a break. Tomorrow I have a workshop, Monday I'm travellin gfor work, next weekend I am working Saturday and Sunday, so I wn't really get a full weekend for two weeks.

Anyway, I went! I was 7.2 (130) before dinner and did a 50% bolus for 18g. Two hours later before swimming I was 11.4 (205). I swam 2 km and it took me about an hour and a half. Right after swimming I was 4.6 (83). I did a 0.5 unit bolus despite my instinct to not bolus when I am that low and not eating!

Now, an hour after finishing, I am 7.3 (131)! I've corrected that with another 0.75 unit. So assuming I don't shoot up over the next few hours, I figured tonight out, at least!

One negative is that my ears got really messed up tonight for some reason. They're all plugged now and I could barely hear the audible traffic signal on the way home from the bus stop (some lady had to tell me I could go, I thought it was coming from another crosswalk). So I hope that goes away soon! Not sure what caused it, either, other than maybe some kind of interaction with the water and my allergies/sinuses (which have been acting up lately).

Awesome job as always Jen! Keep up the good work!!

I went to bed at 8.4 (151) after eating a high-carb snack (About 35g of cereal, I was hungry!) and bolusing for the food plus a correction. I was 8.3 (149) at 3:00, and was 6.8 (122) when I woke up this morning at 6:00. I used a -10% basal rate overnight, and overall it seems to have worked pretty well.

Sounds like you are starting to get things figured out. Congrats!

Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Good work Jen, I love your detailed bg and what has affected you. I never ever really manage to keep bg under control while away, usually because of all the gorgeous food.

I've started to try hard to stick to the same type of diet I eat at home (no more than 30g of carbs per meal most of the time), and found it helps my blood sugar as LOT while travelling. I also try hard not to eat when I can't get nutritional information (I even have a little portable food scale I bring). But I still find I have more highs and lows than usual, I think just the interrupted schedule, maybe a bit more stress, less familiar food, etc. I do find travelling for work much easier than travelling for vacation, because I'm alone and can eat and do whatever I want outside of work hours, whereas when I'm on vacation I'm usually with a group who wants to try all sorts of restaurants and stick to a hectic schedule of sightseeing. Last time I travelled for vacation was to Las Vegas last April and my blood sugars were completely uncontrolled the whole trip.