Another Day

After reading a forum post from Chick Lin, I have to say my mood has much improved. I have been terribly down lately, since the realization that this diabetes thing is not going away. It took me a long time for that simple fact to actually be processed. It’s almost inexplainable. Like with any other illness, I truly thought, I’ll take my medication…I’LL GET BETTER. I listened to what my doc and educators tell me about it being a chronic illness, but somehow I DON"T HEAR THEM. Later, I’m looking down at bruises, and the massive supplies I’m now toting around, and it finally hits me. This is for real and for life. As another endo appointment approaches on Friday, and my nerves start to kick in, I now know he isn’t going to take me off the insulin, and he will be a regular fixture in my life. Time to accept, move forward and live. I thank all of you for being here. You have helped me so much!

Chloe, I just wanted to say I totally “get” your difficulty in realizing that diabetes is not something that gets better. It took me quite a while after diagnosis to really internalize that. I was a late onset Type 1 (at age 27) and had an “I can beat this” type of attitude. I thought that eating really healthy and exercising would do the trick. When that didn’t fix it, it just felt like a defeat. But I can honestly say that I have been living well with diabetes now for almost 15 years, and you can too.

Thank you for your understanding and words of encouragement! As they say…life does go on.