Another day

Just ruined a perfect day just hours before it ended ! I hate being diabetic and I hate being overweight .. This just sucks .. everything does !
I am officially a failure !

Shahenda. no you are NOT a faillure. You are just going through a rough period. We all go through them. What kind of regime are you on? I still have a weight problem but at one point I was 496 pounds. I started taking Byetta and it helped with my weight control. One of the side effects of Byetta is weight loss. Talke to your doctor.

You are not! You're here with the rest of us looking for ideas and ways to deal with this. That means you're way ahead of a lot of people out there.

good advise so far, sometimes things can seem so heavy at night, forgive yourself for any transgressions, noone is perfect! start tomorrow in a more positive way. this is life when we fall down we get up and try to live one moment at time making one healthy decision at a time, these healthy decisions will snowball eventually into a healthy attitude and lifestyle. we must forgive ourselves, give ourselves the chance to start over and treat ourselves with compassion, if we dont who will. many blessing to you, the struggle is hard but underneath you are pure bliss and determination. wishing you peace.

Your not a failure until you stop trying. Success doesn't come from never falling down but rather from getting back up one more time than you fell. Something tells me your still in an upright position.

Brokenpole : I'm kind of on the calorie counting regime, i try to eat no more than 1200 calories each day , i also try to walk about 5km each day for 1 hour on the treadmill ... what is Byetta actually ?!
Thank You :)

Thank you all for the support ! :)

We've all had those days. I feel frustrated and want to cry because why did I have to get stuck with dealing with this all day. I'm not sure if you're a Christian but I always remind myself that God is on my side and will always be there with me. No burden of mine is too big for Him to carry.

Shahenda, it sounds like you're working really hard and just the fact that you've created a regimen for yourself and are committed to following it seem like signs of success to me. :)

We all have those days. My fasting BG today was 60 points higher than normal. What did I do differently? NOTHING. There are days when this disease behaves itself, and there are days when it acts like a kid throwing a tantrum. Why? Who knows? We all have these days. You are NOT being singled out, believe me.

What you are doing is sticking to a discipline. That alone puts you among the highest percentiles of diabetics everywhere. That is not what failure looks like -- quite the opposite. Hang in there, you're doing the right things.

I am not an expert so you might be better doing a little research on your own. That is what I did before I went to the diabetes guy I was seeing.

All I do know is that it slows the gut down so food stays longer in your intestinal track and you end up eating less. Or at least I have.

Byetta is made out of a component of Gila monster venom, which in itself makes me intrigued about taking it, and is generally recommended for T2 but I think I've read here about some T1 trying it with decent results too. I haven't tried it though as the regular stuff works ok.

I used Byetta and Victoza. They both worked well for a while but eventually they both stopped working. It was great while it lasted and I did lose some weight.

You are not a failure. Just the fact that you are venting to us here at TuD shows that you are just frustrated with your current situation. We all get in a funk sometimes, you just have to get past it. We are here to support you and give you new ideas on how to get through this small roadblock. Take a deep breath and/or take a walk ( if you don't live where there is snow )and you may feel better.

I love walking actually .. it just makes anything go away .. and no we don't have snow it's actually quite the opposite most of the time .. the sun here is burning !
Thank You !