Another not so brilliant idea LOL

Or what about PIZZA for dinner! It was delicious, but now it does feel like I’m higher than I’m supposed to. Have a taste in my mouth that reminds a bit of when you’ve just had a tablespoon of sugar or syrup. Or maybe it’s my breath I can “taste” Don’t know… Test results will come this coming week anyways. Hopefully that will mean ANSWERS and a diagnose…
Just hope I won’t have muscle cramps in my legs tonight! Night to yesterday I had one in my right leg, and last night in my left. It happens sometimes and it’s so damn painful until you can bend the leg the opposite way to release the muscle :S

And on another note… My wireless internet is really driving me up the walls! It just keeps disconnecting to the router all the time now! I’ve had to put in the cable instead now! Whatever you do when going to buy a router, stay away from Netgear, it’s nothing but trouble unfortunately :frowning:

Oh, and if anyone knows how to fix a constantly crashing msn live messenger, PLEASE send me a message on here, or ask for my Yahoo!