MY numbers! Now, you can help me decide if I am in bad shape or not

Didn’t know whether to do a BLOG or a DISCUSSION and thought, well, I DO do quite a bit of cussin, so, Dis-cuss-in it is! LOL I have a few test strips now so I am going to be stabbing, bleeding all over the floor, walls and ceiling… NO, hold it, be serious stupid. Yes sah Masta. (Right now that is … is … HEY, not so hard of questions to answer so early in the discussion…)

Any way, first test was at 1645 hours today and who knows what I was doing before the test. Next was starting to eat and then finish eating and then just random tests to watch the numbers fall and YOU will tell me if they are falling quick enough?

12th of November 2009 - Ken Chevy, Salem, Oregon, USA

1645 172 Don’t remember when I had eaten something.
1746 153 Started to eat dinner
1812 204 Finished eating
1820 177
1839 158
1915 135
2135 142 Haven’t eaten anything, why is it going up?

13th November 2009

0226 118 On the computer, can’t sleep. Going to go eat breakfast
0247 112 Humm, pretty good number - Start breakfast
0304 118 Finish eating breakfast
0348 146 44 minutes AFTER eating, I think I will take a nap, it isn’t even 0400 in the morning yet.
0451 197 ABOUT 2 hours after eating a burrito for breakfast/ flour tortilla, spuds, beef, salsa, guacamole, cheese
0642 150 ABOUT 3¾ hours after eating
0841 113 Middle finger LH
0841 118 Index finger LH
0842 094 Index finger RH
0843 123 Middle finger RH WOW, from 94 --> 123, depending on which finger is stabbed. I need to re-stab my RH Index finger to see if that 94 is correct!
0852 087 Index finger RH I guess I NEED to be using my Right Hand Index Finger!! I like that 87 !

Numbers to be continued…

About three years ago, I was going to the machine shop everyday, staying all day, talking to customers, DOING things, WALKING around the shop, being UP for 14-16 hours a DAY.

And then, BAM, DON’T know what happened. All of the sudden I was spending 12-14 hours a day in bed and shortly thereafter 20+ hours a DAY… and sometimes: yes, 24 hours except for pee time. ALL OF THE SUDDEN the pain I had been putting up with for YEARS, trying to still work etc, said to me… NO. NO, Ken, I, “MR PAIN” am going to be the MOST important thing in YOUR whole life.

THAT started 2-2½ years ago. Sitting at work at the customer counter and water starts RUNNING out of my eyes FROM THE PAIN I am in.

HEY!!, that sucks. NO ONE should have to be in pain like THAT! Then I started spending more and more time in bed, laying there, staring at nothing, water running from my eyes from the pain.

TRYING to find pain pills that WOULD work to relieve the pain so I could go back to work etc. I tried
Oxycontin 40MG, taking 2 of them twice a day. They worked GREAT, took away the pain… for TWO weeks. By the time the month was up they were doing NOTHING to get rid of the pain. It was as if I hadn’t taken any pain relievers. One time I forgot and chewed them up and as I swallowed them with a swig of water, my drink of choice, I thought to myself, OH, CRAP… NOT supposed to do that. Could cause death I thought as I sat there and my heart started racing really fast and I… I… what, but I thought… NOPE, NOTHING happened any different, heart NEVER sped up, never got short of breath, NOTHING different happened.
This was about 3 weeks into the month. Nope, Oxycontin didn’t/doesn’t work for me. Same effect as taking a vitamin tablet. Nothing, zip, nada.
So, try a few other things; morphine, nothing, zip, nada. Norco 10/325 (Hydrocodone- 10MGs) would cut some of the pain, took 120 of those a month, wouldn’t take away enough of the pain so that I could think straight, but can’t have everything. So, I did that for a couple of years and finally, with a new Dr, one who would LISTEN to ME, (Don’t you just LOVE the Drs that sit there smiling at you and shaking their head yes, yes and NOT giving a dang WHAT you are saying, that they couldn’t care less. MOST of us have had one or two of THOSE Drs UNLESS you have been really REALLY lucky with Drs) we came up with a new drug out, called: OPANA, both ER and IR in 20MG tablets. They sure aren’t for the weak hearted! The prescription for 120 ER’s costs $819.99 a month and the prescription for the IR’s costs $1,522.99 a month. BUT, they WORK better than anything else I have taken for pain. Anyone have a GOOD pain medication you have taken, I would like to have its name! Always looking for something better than OPANA or anything else.
MOST of the time they keep about 60-70% of the pain AWAY!! OH, do I LOVE that! I can think about things now and be up and around for 3-4 hours a day.

Now, if I could just THINK like I used to think, clear and sharp. Nope, not yet. But now I can spend some days at the shop for 1 hour or sometimes 1.5 hours.

BUT, sometimes the OPANA does NOT work for a few days and that scares the heck out of me…then it starts working at 60-70% again.

I can walk for about 75 feet and then I start having breathing problems and the pain comes back, back enough that I have to sit down right then and just stare at the wall until I get it in control enough to be aware of the world around me.
Do I have a life? No, not at all. Do I want to die? NO, I have too many things to do in the next 25 years or so.
What am I doing RIGHT NOW? Laying in bed crosswise, pounding on this keyboard. I thought ( a couple years ago), a computer by the bed, for what? Well, if you spend most of your life in bed, it does help me forget the pain for a short time while I hit the forums I am a member in and read what others have told me who care about me, THANK YOU, those of you who do that.

So, to most of you who think YOU have a hard life while doing the weeks shopping at the grocery store… I don’t think so. It has been MONTHS since I was in a grocery store (Wal-Mart, because they have the little buggies that I can ride instead of walking).

Walking is a slow process to get it built it back up again to where I can walk for a few hundred feet and then a few thousand feet! But, at this time, I am at the less than 100 feet at a time part of my life. I have tried to walk a hundred feet a couple months ago. Took me hours and hours of hurting, working on recouping from that. Hey, no pain, no gain, right? LOL
Most of you who are reading this, you probably don’t look at walking out to the street and back as a CHALLENGE, do you? Something to be PLANNED out, where to rest before walking back to the house.

YES, I understand walking, I used to walk all the time, I used to log in the woods, falling, bucking, skinning cat when I was younger. SCUBA dive, used to do LOTS of things. THREE YEARS ago, my life CHANGED.

Now, I am trying to find out WHY it changed. That is why I am on here, to see if diabetes is causing some of it, to get my diabetes numbers out where others can see them, so others can tell me good/bad/or indifferent about it.

So, the walks after eating are about 85 feet long, from one end of the house to the other end…and THEN, sit down, panting an wheezing sometimes, short of breath, pulse way up. And I take my blood pressure (BP) and Pulse (BP/P) to see if it is staying where it has been for over 30 years withOUT taking drugs. Yes, it is, borderline: 140/90, but sometimes 120/75 (better). YES, I COULD get it down with drugs, but I think the less drugs I gobble down, the better it is for my body. Some of you WON’T agree with that. Hey, that’s cool. You all have YOUR own body to play with. :slight_smile:

Life IS a struggle for MOST of us on here, some more so than with others. I AM happy to be alive and work on trying to make my life a little better each day. Some days are better and better and then along comes a day where I slide back maybe a week or in some cases a MONTH of progress or MORE. I HATE that when it happens. But, God has a plan for me I guess, so I do what I can.

Hopefully, this has shown a little of my daily/weekly/monthly trials and mountains I climb.

Those numbers above that I post, they are withOUT taking any drugs like Meformin etc. Sure, I COULD lower them by taking one Metformin pill a day, but, should I? It would be another added expense for someone (me) who doesn’t have much money to spend.

Doctors HAVE told me I have diabetes, but it must be borderline, correct? For me to have numbers like that without drugs must mean my insulin maker is sort of doing its job, correct? Even though Drs have told me; “You have diabetes, Ken”… do I? Or do I have “Pre diabetes”? Or Type 2? (That is what I put down, but I have never really just asked a Dr “WHAT kind of diabetes DO I have?”

Don’t I have a messed up life? LOL And I want to marry a wonderful woman and give her this as part of me? Not much chance of that it seems. :frowning:

The very BEST to ALL of you!

Hard to say anything without knowing WHAT you ate.

Overall the numbers don’t look bad at all. Post meal spikes are to be expected. Best to try to keep them within 50 points of where you started.

The rise on the 12th from 135 to 142 isn’t worth wondering about. The margin of error in the meter accuracy alone can explain it. Take two finger sticks 30 seconds apart and a difference of 7 points wouldn’t be unusual.

I think Mark has some good advice. A brisk walk after eating should help keep the spikes down.


I’ll try a brisk 50 foot walk after eating and see how that works. It is sort of like me telling you guys, go grab those boxes sitting over there, the ones by the scale and sit them over here. And you walk over there, after eating, and grab one… and it does NOT move. You look at the one on the scale and see that it weighs 1,000 pounds.

Well, a “brisk” walk is like you moving those 1,000 pound boxes. I really don’t think you are going to do that without working up to it.

A “brisk” walk is a 1,000 pounder to me today. I CAN do 85 feet MOST of the time now. A few months ago it was a long time to walk that far, hanging onto the walls, wondering if I was going to make it without falling down.

That scared me, so I started using a walker so I had something to hang on to and could sit down on it if I needed to.

Maybe me doing something simple would help show you the life I have, going to take a pee:

Roll over, sit up on the side of the bed, stand up, walk into the bathroom and take a pee etc, come back out and lay down again. ONE minute or so. Pretty simple to go pee.

BUT, sometimes: Roll over, pretty soon, sitting on the edge of the bed. After a while, standing up (sort of) hanging on to the bedside table, then stooped over, hang on to the window sill, then the dresser, then the bathroom doorjamb, then the towel rack, then the sink counter and finally sitting on the toilet, hanging on to the sink counter and the back of the toilet.
Then… flush the toilet, wash the hands and head back to the bed.

I HAVE looked at the clock before when leaving and then coming back to bed. Sometimes 20 minutes or more goes by when on a good day it only takes one minute for the trip. Yes, I understand about pain.

And people are telling me; “Go for a brisk walk.”

I would LOVE to do that! BUT, that ISN’T reality for me. Maybe for all of you, but NOT for me. My life is DIFFERENT.

And I live alone. So that makes it MORE interesting. LOL

Am I having fun? You tell me. :slight_smile: LOTS of days I wonder: Is it worth it?

Well, being alone is a drag. There are times I think: I need to maybe hire a woman to help me around the house and have someone to talk to. And then realize, yeah, right. You don’t have any money, Ken.

So, alone I stay. YES!! SMILE!! It is a GREAT day for me, I am feeling so good I think I will go eat. LOL

Maybe I will RUN to the other end of the house! LOL