PuMp FAiluRe

Sounds like the name of an 80s punk rock band. But it's not. It's just the way my day started this morning.


The blaring of the battery alarm woke me up from a dead sleep...

The pump screen is blank. Man. I put in a new battery on the off chance that this might help. It doesn't - the alarming continues. One call to Smiths and one call to the doctor and one call to CVS later - and I'm on Lantus until my new pump arrives. Damn it.

I really resent being dependent on a machine.

I am so afraid of a day like this happening. I was thinking the other day that I would have an uphill struggle even remembering the whole process with straight-up shots, if my pump failed. :S

It is miserable, Manny… The docs office gives me a Lantus rate - but it never works properly - so I make up my own usually… And the remembering to inject before eating and the correcting without knowing what’s on board… Oh, man. But it is what it is - and it should only be 24 hours - so I’m considering myself lucky.

Aw, crap. I hope it gets there soon. Mine broke a few weeks ago and it sucked being on lantus. :frowning:

I am picturing the songs of the actual band called Failure being performed by a bunch of Cozmos…

I knew at least one person would get the Oi!, Hannah…

Cozmos performing - how about a band called Failing Cozmos?

Hello Nicole,

I am new to the site and I am currently doing my week of saline before going to insulin on the pump.

Do you know what failed? Did they give you an explanation? Has this happened to you before? I am wondering what the reliability is for the pump.