Another One Bites the Dust

I lost 16 kilograms (35 pounds) in the first 4 months after being diagnosed. Then, I plateaued. I loved losing the weight, but still have a way to go, so I was a bit disappointed. But after stepping on the scale on Sunday, I was smiling again. I expected some weight loss after the post-surgery highs, and this in indeed what happened. I had lost a kilogram. Then, this morning I weighed myself again. I’ve lost another kilogram!! Yahoo!!! The plateau seems to be broken, so perhaps it’s downhill from here.

This means I have 3 more to go until I’m back in the correct range with my BMI. The kind of odd thing about it is that I’ve been taking more insulin than before, and I thought that was supposed to encourage weight gain, but clearly the opposite has been happening for me.

My readings are not quite where I want them to be though, but I’m worried about taking too much insulin and having yet another of those bloody hypos. This morning I took 5 units with breakfast, and I haven’t had a hypo yet, so I’m really happy about that. I have vivid memories of the days when I was having hypos from taking a single unit. I took 4 units with supper last night, and my fasting BG was 6.1, so I figured I need to up the dose. I’ll try 5 units tonight, and see what happens.

Maybe this means it is Type 1, and the honeymoon is ending. It will be great to have a diagnosis, and hopefully not be hijacked by hypos all the time when I’m trying to control my sugars. On the other hand, it means more insulin, and that means more money that I need to spend.

Thanks Debb! :slight_smile: