Not sure why I’m posting here when I have my “regular” blog languishing in despair over at wordpress because I’ve been neglecting it terribly. But this is a post about my diabetes, and my diet, and so on, and that just seems like the sort of thing I should post here.

I’m feeling bummed. I lost about 20 pounds after I was first diagnosed last May, but have stalled out for several months now. And now this past couple months I’ve seen my FBG go higher and higher (today’s was 117) and my weight has jumped back up by 4 pounds.

I do expect to lose some more weight once spring rolls around. I always seem to have energy and find it easy to drop weight in spring and summer. Slowly, yes, and it may only be about 10 pounds or so, but that will be fine by me. But for right now, the rise in BG in the mornings, and the blip upward on the scale, have combined to make me feel a bit blue and frustrated.

I’m sticking with my lowcarb approach to diet, because I honestly feel it’s the right one for me. But I’m wondering if I need to tweek it a bit – perhaps add a bit more fat and decrease the protein just a bit? And I think I need to change my carb sources, try to get most of them from salad veggies and maybe a few berries, plus the coffee with cream. I could cut back to just a couple cups of the coffee with cream daily, too, and even give up cheese if I need to. Just not sure what steps to take…

I’m also considering asking the doc to put me on Metformin for a while, in an effort to get the FBG levels down, and perhaps also see some help with the weight loss.

I’m also on coumadin (blood thinner) for life, due to a genetic blood clotting disorder, and over the past couple months my dosage of that has been increased as my clotting levels were running too “clotty.” I find that increasing that medicine often makes me feel a bit “off,” and I wonder if it could be affecting my BG levels.

And, while I’m whinging, I feel very flabby and out of shape of late, with less energy and less strength than just a year ago. It bothers me a lot. I think I need to start doing some sort of weight-work on a daily basis, something that uses my basic large muscle groups enough to get me on the road, and then later I could get more intense. Not sure what would be a good basic workout for a beginnner, but I plan to check it out and see what I can find. I want something I can do for maybe 20 minutes or less a day, to start, then build up as I feel stronger physically and emotionally.

Let’s see… on a positive note, we paid our final mortgage payment, so the house is ours now free and clear, and in about 6 months we should have our only other debt (incurred when I was in the hospital a few years back with pulmonary embolism) paid off, and we’ll be debt free. That is a huge stress we’ll be free of, and it feels great! And Jeff (hubby) is happy in his job at the hospital, and secure in his position, so even with the economic downturn, we’re feeling less insecurity now. That’s a very good thing!

Ok, enough jabbering for now.