Painful sites

Why, oh why, do my sites hurt all the time? It’s getting old. :-
I’d love any thoughts or advice you might have.

I’m using the Inset 30s, which are 30-degree angled 13mm sets. I’ve only been on the Animas pump for 3 months or so and have been using these sets the whole time. It seems like more and more often, I’m having site issues. Is it me? Is it the sets?

Often, shortly after insertion, my sites (abdomen) are red (right where the cannula enters under the skin) and painful. The site is sore to the touch. Sometimes I’ll leave it in just because I’m tired of tossing sets early, but a lot of times I’ll end up with elevated BGs, so I change it out. I’m not noticing kinked cannulas. In fact, they look straight and perfect when I take them out.

I’m wondering…

  1. Am I not getting the angle of the inserter right and I’m maybe going in too deep? I’m lean, FYI.
  2. Bad sites, maybe scar tissue, in some areas from so many years of MDI?

Thanks for any input!

Sorry to hear about this Jason-- it must be really frustrating!

The first step I think would be to try different types of infusion sets. If you call Animas, you can get samples, I think. (If they don’t want to send you samples, then tell them that you are considering going off the pump because of all this trouble-- that might inspire them!)

Everyone has different preferences for which infusion set is the most comfortable or works best for them.

Also, some people have allergies to something in the tubing. You might try a set like the Sure-T, which has a metal cannula.

Hope that you can find a solution to this!

Let Animas know of the problem, they should have an idea of a solution. My experience with Animas although it was before the Johnson and Johnson buy out, was they wanted you to be happy and in comfort. I can’t imagine they won’t help.

Hey Jason - I had similar probs with the Inset 30. I thought it was the angle - and I tried different ways - but still same results. I am fine with manually putting in the Comfort sets - but even then - I would get irritation from time to time. In the end, I’ve gone over completely now to the Inset II (90 degree) - and no more irritation. Here in Canada I was given samples from my rep with no problems. Call Animas up - like Mark says - they don’t want to lose you as a customer!

Thanks all for your input!
Animas is sending me some samples. I’ll try a straight-in set first, see if that’s more comfortable. And if not… I’ll keep testing new ones. :slight_smile:

I use the inset 30’s and I’m lean also. I’ve Only had 1 or 2 sites that hurt and I’ve only been using these Inset 30’s for about 3 mos. also. I do notice they leave a pronounced red “pump bump” for a week or so and after the bump goes away I’m left with a tiny red spot. I’m told by my Endo that this is normal. I hate the red spots but love the control I have with my Animas Ping pump! I’d like to try another set but I did try a straight set once on my belly and it hurt…especially if I slept on it or touched it…that’s why I use the angled set. I’d like to see if any other lean folks have some recommemdations for a different angled set!! GOOD LUCK!! P.S. I’ve had good luck with the inset 30 on my thigh…about where the very inside of you pocket is on a pair of jeans!!

Just a quick follow-up for everyone who was so kind in offering me their advice.

I received some samples from Animas and have been wearing the straight-in Inset for the past day and a half. And it’s so much more comfortable for me.

I had been putting up with the discomfort long enough that I nearly forgot that I shouldn’t be feeling the sting of the infusion set all day long, every day.