Another Question for Comedy Film on Diabetes

Hey. You have all been fantstic at giving me comic situations - keep them coming.

Another question for you all now.

What misconceptions do you find with regards to your diabetes. Which annoy you the most and have any caused you problems?

For those that haven’t seen the other post, I am working on a story line of 6-8 10 minute episodes of a light hearted drama/comedy program about a group of people connected by their type one diabetes. This will be filmed Summer 2009 if all goes to plan, and will then be distributed on the net.

Thanks again guys. I have started working on the script now, so this is your chance to have yor say. Thanks again everyone.

That only old and fat people have diabetes and that some how children who have diabetes never become adults with diabetes.

That you can not eat any sugar what-so-ever. If I had a dollar everytime someone asked if I should be eating that I would be retired at 27!

When people automatically assume that you do not take care of yourself because you have complications.

Yeah, I have been told a hundred times I don’t look fat enough to be a diabetic. I have also been told that eating cinnamon will cure me. That I should eat sweet potatoes instead of white, like I wouldn’t have to take a shot if I did. My high school thought I was a drunk, in school no less because of a few hypoglycemic episodes witnessed there. Pharmacies and medical supply companies on the phone ask why I don’t have Medicare (do I sound 65?) A couple times I have squeezed my fingertip after lancing and the last hole has blown spraying everywhere in a fine mist.

Way to go Sarah, that was funny. I hate it too when I prick and prick and find I have created “eyes” on one of my fingers. Just had to comment on that one. LOL