Another work story.... (you know you love these!)

So I was out of the office on Friday (see previous blog!) and my account executive sent me some ice cream that was delivered to my desk. Anyway, the crazy lady that works next to me (see earlier blog) opened my freeze-dried box and started poking through the ice cream containers and taking some out. Thankfully it was rescued by a friend who brought me the ice cream at home. My kids (and I) thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the ice cream during the weekend with our HOT times here in Texas. The reason I am blogging about all of this is I know EXACTLY what this lady was thinking… she’s diabetic, she can’t have ice cream anyway, so she won’t miss it. Let me tell ya something lady, yes, I am diabetic, I like ice cream and so do my kids!! BACK OFF! SISTER! :slight_smile:

HAHA yes I love it! I’m glad that you got your ice cream :slight_smile: