Oh the Neglect!

Alright, I started this new job that has increased my workload and stress two-fold. And, oh, I have to shove in eating (or not eat) just to maintain. I know it’s terrible! I’ve barely been on TuDiabetes! What the heck!?! Anyway, the weight I fought to lose has slowly crept a bit back and I do realize I’ve been neglecting myself. I’ve also done a bit of traveling and you know how the food is when you travel- and the hours are a little crazy. Yes, I do the testing and the shots and everything- I just have to MAKE time right now. It’s pretty dang sad but I PLAN TO RIGHT THE SHIP AND GET BACK ON COURSE! No more late nights working, hurried lunches, etc. Anyway, had to come clean with my blog here because A- I realize it, B- don’t like it, C- must stop it! I gotta get that work/life/diabetes balance back! Wish me luck!

You can do you it!!! lol funny I just started a new job also and the hours are early but I managed it and so can you:) if you need a Diabetic Buddy let me know.



Go Dana! Go Dana!

You all are very sweet! I must be doing something right because already my head is adjusted better today- and more determined to make it all work! Thanks SO much for all of your support!! I really, really appreciate it!