Anti-depressants for diabetics

I have been very depressed since my diagnosis. Enough so that I can’t seem to get out of this myself. I think I need help with meds. I have taken Paxil years before for post pardum depression. What is the best anti depressant if you are diabetic?

Elisa, Carrying the diabetes weight on your back is a heavy load. Adding depression to your load makes climbing the mountain more difficult. Have you talked to a therapist or your doctor? I am new to theis site but I have found some words of encouragement and value. Hang in there!

You may have to try several to get a good fit. I started on prozac, then lexapro, then cymbalta (which I was on for 4 years) and now have been on celexa for about a year.
Each person is different. None of them seemed to have any effect on my bg. Get yourself to a good psychiatrist and see what they suggest.

I’ve been on Zoloft for a couple years and it seems to help me. No problems with the bloodsugars. I started on a low dose and upped it until it seemed to be okay. It is prescribed by my primary care physician.

Thanks for responding. I am haning in there. I have to little one’s so I don’t have a choice.

I’ve tried several of them over the years and have never seen any related bg changes. For the last couple years I’ve been on Paxil and now the generic form of that (paroxetine). It does help my depression some but nothing has been 100%. I think all the ones mentioned in the comments so far are in the same class of drugs, but your dr may have to try you on more than one before finding what works. Do you have a really good medical professional that you trust (dr, counselor, diabetes educator) who really seems to “get it”? I think that’s one of the most important things to help you make the decision of what treatment to start with (but I know that’s not always easy to find).

I found that I was able to feel more “normal” after I met a bunch of other diabetics in person. Join a local meetup group. Talk to other diabetics. You will start to feel less alone. Tudiabetes is a great community and I have met many members in person. My doctors suggested that I go on antidepressant, but after meeting with people and sharing experiences, I was finally able to get out of my self-imposed imprisonment and live normally.

I think feeling 100% normal is not realistic. You are constantly reminded of your disease. I certainly would prefer not to be diabetic. However, I have made some lifelong friends and met some of the nicest strangers because of it. That almost makes up for it.