Anxious about starting my little girl with the GCM

Hi All:
My little girl Layan had started with the pump 2 weeks ago, so far we have been doing well. Her BG numbers are much better than with the MDI, although her ratios are not correct yet but we are moving small steps and I feel that we are moving in the right direction.
My problem is now is with the GCM. We have the VEO pump that comes with the GCM and uses the Enlite sensors. My concern comes from the fact that we have to insert the GCM in another site. Layan is starting to develop phobia from the site changes for the pump, so I cannot get myself to tell her that this will involve another insertion.
I have delayed my appointment with the clinic in which they will start with the GCM on her body.
Can anyone tell me their experience with the Enlite sensor; does it hurt and how can you compare it to the pain of the infusion sets?

I don't have the Enlite, which is not available in our primative country (USA! LOL...) but have the Paradigm. I think the Paradigm is a bigger needle. The inserter doesn't exactly hurt however it is kind of visually intimidating to me. I use an angled infusion set (the Silhouette) and insert it manually. I'd say the Paradigm is more intimidating but I'm not sure about the Enlite. I've heard that the Enlite isn't "as bad" but I can't say for sure whether it's better or worse than your infusion sets? I also have more area in which to insert the needles. I understand being intimidated sticking these in children.

I wouldn't delay the appointment at the clinic but tell them your thoughts. If you are making progress and getting the rates set with the pump on it's own, it may be worth it to see how close to your goal you can get with the pump? I made slight improvements with the CGM and love having the 24-7 data readily available, to the point where it's worth it to have the 2x sites all the time and using the intimidating needles. I'm not sure I'd do it for my daughter or not.

The other way to find out would be to try it yourself? Take the needle and insert it, maybe while your daughter's at school? See how it feels. I guess you could do an infusion set too, so you'll be able to make the best decision? It won't give you the data (although you could turn it on if you stay 3' away from her and see your BG on her CGM? hmmmm....) but you'll be able to make the best decision.

One other thing I encountered w/ the Paradigm needles is that I have a couple of spots where there's veins close to the surface that will spring "gushers" if I hit them with the needles. That would probably alarm a kid, particularly if the kid has the sense that mom is apprehensive about the process?

I know I've seen tips from other moms about numbing the site with ice or numbing cream before insertion. Hopefully one of them will be able to give you more info. I would definitely give the clinic a call and see if they have any suggestions as well.

So glad the pump is working out! There is a learning curve, but it sounds as if you're going in the right direction.

Hello nisreen:

I apologize I cannot speak to the sensor issue directly. A foreign object, ANY foreign object in our body is eventually uncomfortable... it may not be infected, it likely is not placed in the center of her forehead, but even so she'll be aware of it. It is also POSSIBLE, not guaranteed mind you only possible, her awareness will reduce, it will become "background" noise... with time. With regret I would not bet on it however... "being attached" is one of the serious problems for many.

Now when you speak of PHOBIA, what are we talking about here? You have a bunch of folks who can definitely help with that one. Btw, mention the problem directly to the clinic. Mention it to everybody you can find.

Guaranteed its not the first time they've come across it.... they should have some solutions. I know many of us here will. I love acidrock's solution, and agree 100%. My twist would be do it in right front of her. No squirming, no screaming, just assemble, clean and insert.

Show her it does not hurt mommy. Kids love being grown up, right? So mommy pretends and does it. Get her help assembling stuff. Get her help doing it. Then its "her turn"...

Yep, I am with the others! Try it yourself and see how it feels. That is the best way to know.

We don't have the Enlite sensor here (yet), but I did try the ones we have here with my MM pump and I'll admit that it did hurt worse than the infusion set, but not horribly so. Of course, I'm a grown-up with more body fat than a little kid. I use mostly the Quicksets with the Quickserter and Mio infusion sets, which are spring loaded and very fast (which makes them hurt less). I know when I've inserted a Quickset without the Quickerserter, it hurt. The CGMs are usually inserted manually, so if you're not really fast, it will hurt more.

I would definitely recommend getting some EMLA cream which will numb her skin up so she doesn't feel it as much. That may help take away some of her anxiety.

I think the big thing is not to push her. I don't use a CGM currently with my MM pump and I find that pumping alone with lots of finger sticks works really well for me. she doesn't HAVE to use the CGM. For now, you may want to give her some time to get used to the pump, and gradually transition to the CGM. For example, you may use the CGM for a couple of weeks, but then take a break. You have to find what works well for her (i.e., what gives her decent control without causing lots of fear and anxiety).

There’s an inserter for theCGM. I’ve done them manually when it gets “botched” and it’s more unpleasant. I’ve seen several people refer to them as “harpoons”. This may put a “flip side” on Stuart’s “just do it in front of her” suggestion as there are several issues that I’ve encountered, not going in, bleeding, hitting stuff underneath, etc. Any one of these might make even a grownup blanch, flinch or exclaim “#*$%!”, so it may be useful to be aware that there can be issues.

I have to admit that I freaked out a little bit when I thought about insertig the sensor or the infusion set in my body. then I felt guilty for being afraid while expecting my little kiddo to be brave.this diabetes really sucks....
As for the enlte sensor, it does have an inserter , you can watch it through the following link, and I do not expect to be able to do it manualy,
Anyway I will definitely try both tommorrow, I think alone for the first time so that she wouldnt feel my fear from the needle.

I use the enlite sensor and can tell you they hurt less then a quickset to insert .

The enlite sensor are easier to insert then o infusionset due to the inserter that make it very easy to insert .

The diference between softsensor and enlite sensor is like hell and heaven .
I can garantee you the insertion is painless , and dont nned iv300 or any smimilar tape to cover the sensor and minilink to keep all atached to the body ,just a small tape .

PS i hope everyone understand my english

Wow.. thanks Duarte for your reply. I hope Layan will have a good start with the sensor. What sites do you use for the sensor?do you insert in your tommy?

Thanks Stuart, Layan is afraid of the site change, she becomes disturbed and anxious when I mention it, As afraid that she will be she will tighten her stomach muscles and tries to escape the process, I think this makes it more painful. I do not blame her for being scared but I don’t want to make it a big issue. I will try to deal with her fear by myself. I hope that by time I will be better and less nervous and she will be able to overcome her fear. For that reason I am anxious about introducing the sensor, I did not even mention it to her yet. I will try the sensor myself today and see how it feels, but thanks for your concern.

I only use my abdomen for sensor the left and right side usualy are good places to place sensor and infusion set.
Once you place sensor activate the LGS on the pump that is an excelent option for avoid lows and give some peace of mind .
One more thing dont calibrate more than 3 times or you might get strange readings .

I don't have the Enlite, i use MM. But, I am a pediatric nurse and I would definitely try the EMLA cream, even for the first insertion. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes prior, the longer the better.Ive never used it for a sensor insertion but I use it all the time for IV starts and injections and if left on long enough it works well. The Emla does require a prescription. Ice can help also. I would try for the EMLA with the very first insertion. That way she may start out with a positive or just not so negative experience with the first. Kids remember.
If she doesn't know what's in store for her yet, I would have an age appropriate conversation with her, using words she can understand, encourage questions, reinforcing that this is another tool to help her and well I'm sure you know the drill.
Good Luck!

My 14 year old son started a Dexcom CGM last week. I don’t know how the Dexcom sensors compare to the ones you’ll be using, but my son said the Dexcom insertion was less uncomfortable than his pump infusion set isertion.

You might check YouTube for videos of insertions. There were several videos there of kids getting Dexcom sensors inserted and not even realizing it had been done. Perhaps there is something similar for the Enlite sensors?

Good luck!