Any Advice?

I think Brunetta has given you "safe" advice. Certainly we all should seek to protect ourselves if we think that something has gone drastically wrong with our health. But we also have to realize that we can worry ourselves to death over our health woes.

You are up in the middle of the night distressed and worried about your health. I realize that you are scared, but you may also be looking at things and seeing differences that have been there all along or are actually quite small. You may well have something going on in your legs, but it won't help you to stress yourself out and stay up all night in worry over the situation.

I think we have to be careful about being overcome by stress and worries about our health. We may think that this attention can keep us healthy and safe, but if we go overboard, we can basically mess up our lives. The whole purpose of staying healthy is to be there to live. To enjoy our lives, to be happy and to have those around us be happy. If we stress over every little health thing, we can not only mess up our happiness, but the stress can actually hurt us.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't get your legs checked out, just that you have to keep your stress and worries balanced and make good choices about care. You can go to the ER, but it may cost a lot. You can go to an urgent care, which will have less expertise right there, but will likely be able to tell you if anything serious is going on. And you can of course call you doctor first thing in the morning.

I think many of us have gone through times of great worry over our health. We have had to look at ourselves and worry that we are just falling apart. I'm not suggesting you are a hypchondriac, just that you are going through the same thing.

I have to second Brunetta's suggestion. Whatever it is, it's not getting better. In fact, it's getting worse. And not knowing what's going on doesn't seem to help any.

Get to a doctor -- if not the ER, then (as BSC says) urgent care. At a minimum, call your own doctor (they rarely charge for phone calls), but I'm sure he'll probably tell you to go somewhere to get it checked out.

I just didn't want it being a blood clot or anything. But my mother said that I'm too young to have a blood clot. This pain is getting worse even during daytime , and my doctor gave me pain pills to only take at night before bed. I do worry myself and crazy. I almost started crying to my counselor today. Ever since I got diabetes , I worry. And my doctor even said he can't take all my worries away. But all I can do is pray.

Hi Crystal! I am new here to. My husband brokenpole has diabetes, been diabetic a long time and I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was in my early 40s. We aren't sure, but think my husband has diabetic nueropathy, but its in his legs not his feet.I have responded to you before, but think being here and reading everyone's posts will help you understand yourself and diabetes more. We both have family memebers that have diabetes 2 and I worried about my 3 adult kids going through what their Dad has experienced. With me having hypoglycemia, it could be diabetes 2 for me as well in the future so I have been doing research as well. I am not overweight, but passed menopause and gained some with that. All I can do is stay active as I can and suggest you do the same as well. It sucks, but you can do it. Gotta find a way to be positive and laugh at some of the stuff or else you will be down all the time. Good luck!

A person can develop neuropathy in any part of there body, it most times starts in the feet and then legs but all parts can be affected from higher bs than the norm.

I would call the office or the er and ask to talk to a consulting nurse. That is what they are called her (the Pacific NorthWest) and a person can have a blood clot at any age. I am not saying that is what you have. I'm saying that if your symptoms are changing and increasing, go to a medical professional. You should not be in constant pain.

Let us know....

You need to realize you have been diagnosed with diabetes. You have a right to mourn. You have a right to cry. You have worries. You have worries that no 23 year old should ever have. But you are going to be ok. Go see your doctor. Go see your counselor. Butt only you can manage your worries. I believe you are going to be ok. You need to believe it too.

I talked to my wife and she said any age can have a blood clot, I would have it checked out but do not panic I even thought I had them before but your describing pain that needs to be checked out.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I've decided that I will wait til my appointment this Friday , for my ultra sound on my legs. My doctor has seen my legs and felt them , I told him the pain , and he didn't act concerned. So I will just trust him , and just pray and believe in God. Which speaking of God , He has really given me strength through this. Some things that I thought that I couldn't do , I prayed and made it through. It has even felt at times that He has held me as I cried. I refuse to give up to this disease , I will go head on , and fight for my life. Can't do things anymore that I use to be able to , but I'm just glad I'm able to be alive , sitting here writing this. But yes , as I said , I have an appointment this Friday for an ultra sound on my legs. I try to keep myself occupied so I don't think about this problem. This maybe too much info , but my butt hurts so bad , cause I have taken an hour long bike ride. I've cleaned my house twice in one day , I've done all I could , just so I don't just sit here and freak out and worry. Thank you all for supporting me , you all have kind hearts. God bless you all , be safe.

And I was just wondering , do you guys think by any chance that these pains and aches are from my weight loss? I'm loosing a pound everyday , and lost 52lbs. since I was diagnosed in September of 2011.

Weight loss wouldn't cause pain. Very good to keep busy.

An extreme diet and significant weight loss might give you some disturbing symptoms. A pound a day seems like a lot. And 52 pounds since Sept? That is huge. You have to be proud.

But remember, most advice suggests that you lose a pound or two a week. If you have been on a severe calorie restricted diet, try to eat extra calories, particularly as protein or fat and see if that helps.

I , TOO KNOW OF hIS WONDERFUL ARMS OF PROTECTION!! Keep the faith. You will be granted peace and protection.

God Bless,

I suppose if the weight loss (which is PHENOMENAL, by the way!!) came from extra-strenuous exercise, then it's possible; but that would be a muscle ache, and it sounds like that's not what you've got.

In any event, I'd ease off on the exercise a bit, or anything that really gets your heart rate up, until Friday's ultrasound. If there is something wrong, you don't want to push yourself to the breaking point without first knowing what's going on.

One thing I haven't seen answered (perhaps I missed it), is what kind of doctor you've been seeing? There are so many specialties, and many are reluctant, or not knowledgeable enough, to see things outside of their realm of expertise.

I'm just seeing my regular family doctor. Been with him since I was a child , he didn't diagnose me with diabetes though , the ER did. Got really sick and had an out of body experience and went there. As soon as they told me , I cried like a baby , couldn't stop. But my family doctor said something about circulation , and he's got that ultra sound of course. I can't afford all the fancy big doctors. My husband's insurance isn't the greatest , but I'm just thankful I have insurance!!

No , no one has asked that. But yes , they checked everything on me. Everything was great , except for my cholesterol. My good was down , and my bad was up. They are worried about something in my urine , but they are having me get some lab work done. They said they wanna keep an eye on Microalbumin , ahah , I don't even know what that is. Mine is at 80 , and normal range is 0-30. So , yeah , they're keeping an eye on that.

Yes! I am very proud , very shocked that I've lost so much weight , but I'm proud. I don't know why I loose a pound a day. They have me on Metaformin , and my doctor said that helps me loose weight , which I'm excited about. haha . I just mainly watch my carbs and sugars , sometimes my calories. I haven't even been worrying much about my total fats. But my counselor is wanting me to start that. I'm a bit frustrated at her , because I've worked so hard for that 52 lbs! I'm glad she gave me credit though.

My experience is that family doctors tend to be a jack-of-all-trades,-master-of-none. If that's all that you can get insurance coverage for, then I suppose that's who you must see, but I'd strongly advise trying to find an endocrinologist (which, by the way, is all I see. I don't have a regular "family doctor"). The treatment you get from someone with lots of experience treating people with diabetes is far superior to what you get from someone who reads about diabetes in medical journals.

Microalbumin has to do with protein in the urine. I'm not sure what it means, what causes it, or what to do about it, but I have that test about every 6-8 months.

Losing that much so fast is nice for the waistline but not for the body. If the bs are high rapid weight loss follows but I would imagine yours are good.