Any asana (postures) harder BECAUSE we are diabetics?

Simple question, not CGM per se, (apologies for that).

We all know that certain conditions are common because we are diabetics; Hammer toes, frozen shoulders, trigger fingers... never guaranteed but very common none the less.

Do you believe CERTAIN asana, certain yoga postures/techniques are more likely difficult BECAUSE of our diabetes specifically? Any you can identify?

I find what makes it most difficult is maintaining a steady, safe BG. The other day my CGM showed I was dropping fast towards the end of class and got confused and couldn’t figure out a spinal twist I’d done hundreds of times.

I don't think there is anything specifically harder because we have diabetes -- it depends on the individual. Lots of non-diabetics have hammer toes, frozen shoulders, trigger fingers, general inflexibility, etc. too. And while large people may have difficulty with certain asanas, again, it's not just T2s; it's large people in the general population as well. And I, personally don't have any of those problems -- my only problem is balance, because of permanent inner ear damage as a side effect of an anti-depressant years ago. Not related to diabetes at all.

Of course, we need to watch BGs, but that's not dependent on asanas, just good diabetes care.

Hello Natalie:

Thanks for taking part. I am not so sure. Non diabetics can get frozen shoulder, but diabetics are vastly more likely to get them, and most of the other peripheral problems too...

-Tiny shrug- perhaps there are asana, practices, techniques in particular which are not friendly to diabetics specifically? Far as I can tell, despite the fact India was a British colony, (eg reads/speaks English) far as I can tell the cultural practice has not been asked/examined from that direction...


Darn spinal twists... never did like em -wg-! Thanks you for participating btw!


Anybody encounter problems with specific asana? ANy you can attribute to the D???