Any detailed reviews about how things are going

I am in the process of ordering a Tslim, but before I do I was just wondering if anyone has any reviews of how things are going with their tslim? I have seen some of the reviews people posted when they first got their pumps but I am more interested to see how everyone is liking the tslim now that they have been using it for a while? Any occlusion issues, durability issues, annoyances, poor customer service? Thanks. Also, does anyone know when the tconnect software will be released?

Hi Spenser, I’ve been a t:slim user for nearly 8 weeks now. I love it! I’ve had absolutely no issues. The pump is incredibly simple to use. There are several reviews out there; plus there’s another group on FB–Tandem tSlim Pump. I like being involved, helpful and informed, so I’m everywhere. “Sweetly Voiced” has a t:slim Review–4 October 2012 which I believe is excellent. Plugging in to charge had been a concern with me. You’ll find your “time”. I usually top off when I bathe. Durability? Apparently they gave this pump to a group of children at a diabetic camp. They literally tried to destroy the pump. They finally managed to crack a screen when they launched two pumps and crashed them together.

Here’s an article that answers the durability questions:

I am considering the t:slim also. I read that some people have problems with bubbles. Since you can't see the reservoir you don't know if bubbles are in it when filling it with insulin. Yes, you will see bubbles in the tubing but unless you are checking the tubing often you will miss seeing them.

I’ve never had problems with bubbles caused by the reservoir, only with the lure lock. But of course this is not a t:slim issue but rather common to all lure lock sets. That said, it’s easy to see and get rid of bubbles when first loading. No issues after the load at all. I did have problems with a batch of reservoirs causing occlusion alarms when attempting to bolus but Tandem replaced all three boxes and acknowledged a manufacturing issue they had resolved. Customer service has been excellent! Bottom line, I love this pump but must admit it is my first one. BTW, it’s so easy to use I started up without waiting for training :slight_smile:

thanks for the responses and keep the coming. I think my biggest concerns were the bubbles problems with the reservoir but hopefully that will be a non issue. I really hope i get approved for the tslim and I cant wait to see the dexcom integration. Hopefully their will be an upgrade program or something.

I am a first time pumper and have been on the tSlim for about a month. I have had no problems and am really loving it. It is very easy to use and the Insulin on Board function is very helpful. Charging during showers has not been a problem...I have already dropped it several times with no dings or scratches....and the insulin history reporting is awesome. Temp basal is super easy, effective alarms and tons of personalization settings (doctor wont let me tweak yet). Here are a couple of issues you should take note of:

- Pump does make a small audible sound when pumping (like a rewinding of cassette sound)...more prevalent during bolus, but you can hear during basal if it is not in your pocket
- IOB very helpful, but when you stack it appears to combine old and new bolus into a new four hour time period (you can adjust duration to your own setting)
- Multiple button pushes before confirming delivery....this is for safety purposes, but a few times forget to authorize final does give an alarm to let you know you did not finish with delivery
- Software is not yet approved, which makes sharing data with doctor challenging (using entries on my Dexcom, which is also incredible)
-- Only time I had problems with bubbles is when I was on my last bit of insulin and did not get all bubbles out of needle injector....just waited for it to clear tubing before connecting
- Changing catridge very can do it in phases, which allows you to cheat and refill the catridge instead of replacing, though not recommended.

Honestly, best decision I made....I tested minimed (felt like a pimp w a pager) and Animas (reservoir to small) and was not that only challenge is the actual insets, which has nothing to do with tSlim....

I find the insulin delivery sounds like someone shushing you…asking you to be quiet. Lol! This pump actually has fewer button pushes/screen touches than most. Love my pump!

Hi Janice L. and you too Jigger. I'm getting ready for pump #5. I have had MiniMed 508's and Cozmo's. The t:slim looks pretty darn good. I'm curious about the tail that connects the infusion set to the pump. How does it connect to the cartridge? It looks too easy to tear away from the pump. More than once I have hooked my tubing on a door handle or a bushy plant when working in the yard. (I hang the pump on my belt.) All of the other features look like a walk in the park as pumps go.

It’s part of the cartridge

Here’s a picture of the cartridge
2223-image.jpg (1.44 MB)

Thanks Janice L. It looks like I would have to work at it pretty hard to dislodge the tubing from the cartridge. I'm impressed. Thanks for the great visual.

Here’s another shot of the back of my t:slim. The cartridge slides onto the back. I’m charging the pump. That’s on the right.
2222-image.jpg (1.53 MB)

Charging seems pretty easy. Just connect to a USB port and you're ready to go. With that option and direct plug-in either to the wall or the car has to make t:slim quite unique. Thanks again for the close-ups.

I was told that the t:connect should be released in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.