Any diabetic surfers?

I was diagnosed T1 this past July, so fortunately have not missed out on any good swells with summer flatness. However, winter is approaching with its promise of Aleutian juice! I was wondering if there are any surfers here, and if so, how do you handle surfing with diabetes?

I’m also planning to get the Omnipod very soon. If there are any surfers who use this pump, I was wondering how it holds up in saltwater for extended periods? Do you set lower basals, or just turn it off altogether while surfing?

Any advice, tips, anecdotes, etc. would be much appreciated!

I’m a type 1 with the minimed pump and I used to surf when I lived in California. I would just take off my pump and leave it on the beach (in an airtight bag so no sand gets in), eat a snack and surf. I usually didn’t stay out any longer than 2 hours. I would just treat it like any other exercise. I don’t know how the omnipod holds up in water, but I wouldn’t wear it surfing because you get whipped around a lot and I would be afraid it would come off and you would loose it.

I’m usually drenched with sweat after a workout. I just strap my pod down with Opsite. I’ve whacked it pretty good on doorjambs and such. It holds up well for the 3 days it’s on.

I know of quite a few diabetic surfers.
It says the web site for that club will be up summer of 2010, but it isn’t yet.
Still, there are 14 members in the Surf group of A1Sea, and I’m sure there are others in the club who are occasional surfers.
You just missed last weekend’s San Diego Breakfast Blend. I don’t know if that’s farther than you wanted to drive, but I’m sure they’ll have another one next month. It’s a surfing/breakfast/diabetic get-together.
Write to if you’re interested.

No matter what pump you use, unless you disconnect 3 hours prior, you still have a lot of insulin on board. I use Minimed pump and a simple quick disconnect when i go swimming and then i have a frio bag that i will keep the pump inside while i am on the beach. Not sure how well the pod will stay on during surfing, but not a big fan of putting that much glue to make something stick on me

Surfing October 23 at La Jolla Shores.

I’ve been using the Omnipod for just over a year now and have been surfing as much as ever. I’m in the water whenever the waves are good for as long as 3+ hrs at a time… I’ve never had any problems with the pod coming off here in CA. I usually eat something extra before I paddle out and lower my basal to 50%… I think you sort of have to figure out what works for you.
I’ve been on a couple surf trips with it where your surfing 2-3 times a day and it did come off. I had to go back to shots while on the trips. I think because of so much time in the water and in boardshorts. I wear a wetsuit here.
Let me know if you have any other questions… I’m into a lot of different sports and the pod hasn’t held me back with anything.

I've surfed a few times... I would unclip my Animas pump, but had the site on my stomach usually, and they would get torn right off. The grippiness of the board was just too much for them. If you expect to be surfing, I'd try to place pods on your backside or arms - anything but on your front where it will rub on the board as you paddle out.

I was diagnosed in Sept and now live the SF bay without my boards so I haven’t surfed with my Animas pump yet. But I am coming home to SD soon and plan on going out! Obviously I will have to disconnect for a few hours. It is probably good to not have a basal while surfing anyway so that I don’t go hypo.

I didn’t even think about my infusion set site while surfing! So glad that I read this!

I use the Omnipod and surf here OC, CA all the time. I use Optsite tape to hold it down as the adhesive gets wet and will lose stickiness. I wear my omnipod on the side of my butt cheek and i can’t even tell it’s there half the time. I also keep my PDA on the beach in a backpack so if I need to go in and test you can.

I suggest getting the Dexcom CGM and putting it in a latex glove and tying it closed and placing on your chest in your wetsuit while you surf. If you hit 60 or below you can have it set to vibrate. Thats what my Dexcom rep does and he surfs everyday.

Hope that helps.