Summer time with the pod

Hey all! I am in the process of starting on the omnipod and will hopefully have it in about two weeks.The customer service has been great so far! I am really looking forward to it. This is my first pump and I am wondering about going to the pool and beach. I have read that with the other pumps some people detach and put the pump in a cooler to keep the insulin cool. What do you guys do when you go to the beach, pool, or out for a run. Do you worry about the insulin going bad or the pump overheating?
Thanks for your help!

You can pretty much do anything with the pod! It’s great in that way =) I have been out in hot weather, exercised, swam, etc…and never had a problem with it! Best of luck!

No problems with normal beach/pool activities. Some have suggested limiting hot tub exposure. I’ve spent hours in and out of the ocean with no problems.

Sweet, thanks for the feedback guys. This is very encouraging as I have a beach trip planned next month. :slight_smile:

Ask your trainer about it when you have the OmniPod training; I did, and he said there is no concern (except, as Jim mentioned, with hottubs or saunas). In fact there is a road cycling team (Team Type I) who are all on the 'Pod and do races; I think they’ve even set some kind of record for fastest cross-country time.

Hi Jamie -

Our son, Will, who is now 3 years old, plays in the pool for hours with his pod on. We put it on his arm and then wrap it with a coban wrap (like a sticky ace bandage) and it stays on for hours at a time. We were just in Mexico over Easter vacation and he was in the water for 2 hours at time with no problems. It was pretty hot as well and we had no issues with insulin going bad, etc…

Congrats on getting on the pod. You’ll love it!!


Thanks Susan!

I even wake board with it on… It has come off a few times, but that’s to be expected being pulled behind a boat at 25 miles per hour.