Omnipod and Water. Positive story so all negative people beware LOL

I went surfing with a wetsuit for the first time with my Omnipod the other day. I wore it on the side of my butt Cheek and taped it extra tight to my skin so there would be no risk. I surfed for 2 hours and was able to come in and lower my basal rate halfway through. I love having an Omnipod and being able to surf or whatever and never have to disconnect.

Love a positive story about butt cheeks! Glad you had such a good day.

:slight_smile: love OMNIPOD!!!


It’s been exactly 1 year since I started the Omnipod, It is an amazing device, only 2 occlusions and one was 2 days ago(happy anniversary :slight_smile: )!!! I am avid fan of this system, would recommend it to any T1.

Yay! I’m glad to see something positive posted for once! I just did my Pod training yesterday and will start podding with insulin later on this week so it’s good to see something positive about it. =)

Great to hear Kevin. I’ve had also great success with the Omnipod in my surfing and kitesurfing, although back of the arm is the best site if you’re using a waist harness. There’s still no other system that lets you get in a wetsuit without disconnecting, or at least lets you do it reliably (and comfortably).

And stories like this are the reason I love the Omnipod so much! :smiley:

great story, we are new to podding, so thanks for the info.

I just had a week at the beach and had a similar experience. I did have one occlusion, although I was pretty sure about it when it happened (that wave seriously roughed me up).