Any harpists out there?

I’m a recently diagnosed T1 and I play harp. I’m wondering whether there are any other harpists here who might have some strategies for saving the fingertips for harp playing, while testing, testing, testing.

Not a harpist, but have had beautiful friends who played this wonderful instrument. Please check into some of the alternate site options (ever see the BB King commercial?) Also check the “depth” of your blood device. The earlier in diagnosis, the lighter touch can be used. Because I do not play, I will qualify this statement: after nearly 50 years, I have some callouses but very little pain in my fingertips.

Play some beautiful music!!

Not a harpist, but a pianist and flutist. When I first got diagnosed (many many moons ago), I started testing on the sides of my fingers, so not right on the pad but a little to the side, and that helped me avoid any pain while playing. It might be different with the plucking motion on the harp though, so if you still need to keep the sides pain free, you could look into alternate site testing. But, my experience is that I very rarely ever have a prick that is painful enough for me to avoid touching it. Good luck figuring out what works for you!

You shouldn’t be using your actual finger tips to test with. There are lots of sites on the fingers to use, esp. sides or back of fingers and further down from the tips, so you shouldn’t ever have to prick your fingers where they touch the harp strings. You can also use alternate test sites (e.g. the BB King ad) but the BG from these sites lag your fingers so shouldn’t be used if your BG is changing rapidly.

Not a harpist but a guitar player. I have callouses on only one hand to worry about. That leaves me one hand free, but I still like to give those fingers a break every now and then. I agree with one other poster here. Use the sides of your fingers and avoid the tips. You can use fingers on either hand that way.

I play guitar and so have it easier. as I can just avoid my left hand. I noticed that since I changed to an Accu-Check Softclix finger stabber I have much less callus build up. I can get by with using only 2 fingers on my right hand testing 5 to 7 times a day. The softclix uses a proprietary lancett which is supported better and so wobbles less going in and out, hence smaller holes and less callus. The unit itself is a little pricey but the lancets themselves are competitively priced.

Hi! I’m a harpist :slight_smile: I haven’t tried other sites for testing, but might start doing so now. My pinky finger gets quite a lot of abuse from the lancets though …

The side of your palm - from little finger to wrist is good and close enough to fingers that the accuracy is good. Also the ball of your thumb. For me its the violin - not that I'm any good at it!