Any help would be great!

Hi all,
I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! Since I am relatively new here I figured I would introduce myself (i feel like I know a lot of you from reading your posts but since I have not commented very many times it seems most of you don’t know much about me!) I am a 20 year old college student studying at Saint Anselm College full time and also working two jobs. When I turned 18 I lost my health insurance coverage because my mom decided that she would no longer pay for it (she and I are estranged). Because of this I have been uninsured for 2 years. I have had diabetes since I was 7 years old. I have been on the pump for over over 8 years now! My old pump Medtronic minimed just died and is not still under warranty. Due to this fact I have, for the time being, reverted back to MDI. I am on two sports teams at school (Division II) but due to the fact that my pump broke I am having an increasingly difficult time competing at the same level as my peers. I would really like to go back on the pump but since I am not insured I have not been able to purchase a new one. I am confident that if I had a pump I would be able to afford infusions sets its just the 7,000 upfront cost that is proving difficult for me to come up with. I was wondering if any of my Tufamily members had an old medtronic pump that still works that they would be willing to sell or donate to me? Thanks so much and I look forward to talking to all of you!

Hi Lauren,

Being a DII athlete, are you covered under you University’s medical program? It seems like you would be, while not technically an employee, you are representing the university. I’d check with student health, the employment office, human resources office, and/or the legal aide office/department to see what options you might have for coverage.

It seems like someone who’s out in public representing the university should be covered by the university’s health care system.

Cheers and good luck, Mike

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the advice. I will head in and talk to them in the morning but it is my understanding that it one is still required to pay a substantial amount to partake in the school’s healthcare plan.

Best wishes and good luck Lauren!