Any members from Hawaii and North East?

We have been watching the news about the volcano situation and bad weather in the North East.

How is everyone doing?

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I’ve been wondering that, too…Can we pin this for a bit, Mila, to encourage folks to check in…Also, I remember from other periods of catastrophe, that it helped to encourage “friends of friends of friends” to check up on anyone they know in the affected area…and feed info back to us all…

Oh—and once, when I was in the hospital, but on the mend, I had my daughter log in and post an update for me…

We are a community for real, after all. If you go missing for too long, you will be missed!..Blessings all…

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Will do @Judith_in_Portland, thanks for the suggestion.

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we lost power yesterday as soon as the 20 minute storm rolled through. we just got power back here in northern NJ.


We were lucky. We have power and no injury or damage to property. Many around us have not been as fortunate.

The storm touched down for 15 minutes or so - felt like the scene from the Wizard of Oz. There are so many fallen trees and wires. Whole towns are without power and are being told it could take weeks to be restored.

Schools have been closed. Many roads are impassable. There were a few deaths in the area - people in cars, struck by trees.

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