Any Minimed and Dexcom G4 users?

Hi everyone,

I use a Minimed paradigm pump. I have the Minimed Real-time CGM and have used it for periods of time, but I really don't like it (it was painful, the sensors didn't last very long, I got alarms constantly, and it was inaccurate). I have resisted getting a Dexcom until now because I didn't want to have to wear another device on my belt or have it in my pocket. But now with the G4 it seems that it would be easier to have it in my purse or nearby.

Can anyone else who uses this combo share your experiences with me? Is the G4 so much better than the Real time that it's worth having two separate systems?

Thanks a lot!


I've been using the G4 for a few months now and just started on a Minimed paradigm pump 2 weeks ago.
They've been working great together for me and decided to go with that combo based on what people at my local Type I happy hour meetup group had told me.
One person had said the Real-time CGM actually made their A1C worse, so they stopped using it and got a better A1C. They are now using the G4 and love it.

Hopefully there are others here that have used both and can give you more feedback, but personally: I love this combination!

I haven't used the Real-time, so can't comment on comparing it to the G4.

I'm on a G4 and MMP pump, and happy with the combination. The two devices easily fit into a shirt pocket (that's a guy thing, I know). Since the G4 has a long working range between transmitter and receiver, I can leave the G4 on my bedside table at night and only have to deal with proximity issues for the pump.

Whenever I calibrate the G4, I use the OneTouch Ultralink meter, which sends the BG reading to the MMP pump. I also hand-enter pre-meal BGs (from the G4 display) into the pump to help set up bolus doses before meals if things are running okay, rather than checking another meter BG level. (Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to do that, but the G4 trends so close to BG levels that I'm willing to accept its readings.)

I use a Paradigm pump and initially used the Minimed CGM until I switched to the Dex 7+ which was a huge improvement. Currently using the G4 which has been an improvement over the 7+. I'd prefer an integrated system but not at the price of accuracy and insertion pain. I am confident enough in the Dex accuracy to enter the numbers in the Paradigm for correction boluses etc (I know that is not recommended but it is very convenient!). Typically I use the sensor for two weeks (since it doesn't last much past that for me but it is usually dependable for the two weeks).

The G4 receiver is much more compact than the 7+ so having two separate systems hasn't really been a big issue.

I recently started on the G4 and I use the minimed paredigm pump. I had tried the minimed cgm twice and both times found it to be painful, and extremely inaccurate. I feel that the G4 does not even compare to the minimed cgm. Insertion was virtually painfree! I don't even really notice that i'm wearing it - where as with the minimed cgm I was always aware of it because it was painful and flopped around! I have only had the G4 for 3 days, but so far carrying the extra device is not an issue. It is even smaller than the pictures made it look. I usually wear jeans so it just tucks into my pocket. It is small enough that it could tuck into my bra too if necessary and be undected by others. But so far I have found that it fits in my pocket, or i can leave it on the counter and be anywhere on the first floor without losing readings. I also found that I could just put it in my purse too. I have read online that the Vera Bradley Zip ID Case fits the receiver really well and has a clear window to see the screen. So that would clip nicely onto a matching Vera Bradley bag :) So far, the accuracy has been pretty amazing. I think the most it has been off by is maybe 10% from my meter. I'm sure there will be times when its more, but so far it's been pretty right on - a few times it even matched my meter exactly!!! And it was so easy to insert. I didn't go to a training I just watched the video on their website and that's it. I'm hoping to improve my a1c for my second pregnancy, so I'm hoping this will help!

Good luck!

Yes. It is not even close. The G4 will show you exactly how bad the Minimed CGM really is. I switched from the Revel to the Seven Plus a year ago, and wore them side by side for a few days. I could not believe how much better the Seven Plus was - fully a next-generation product compared to the Minimed. And the G4 is better still. The second-device convenience issue will seem laughable to you after you have the G4 for a short while. There is no doubt it's worth it.

I originally had a Medtronic CGM also. And had the same complaints you had. Especially the inaccuracy -- it wasn't picking up serious lows, and I don't feel them until they're dangerously low. So I switched to the Dex, and I love it. It's almost never off, and I just carry it in my jeans pocket, but would use a purse if I was wearing a dress with no pockets. For me, there is no debate at all -- much rather have 2 devices that serve me well than one that doesn't!

I used MM CGMS for about 2.5 years, and then Dexcom 7+ and now G4 for the past 2 years.
I agree with the others, Dexcom is much better, and worth carrying 2 devices.

One important benefit for me is the ability to put Dexcom receiver under my pillow, and hear it much better. I used to miss MM CGMS alarms at night. The G4 has even louder alarms (using Attentive profile), and haven't missed one yet.

The MM CGMS was 'high maintenance' - took longer to insert and tape up to be secure, had to recharge battery on transmitter, had to be especially careful of when to calibrate, often did the insert at night, then start in the morning to allow it to 'marinate', new sensor every 5-6 days, etc.
I find Dexcom much more accurate, and it responds better to a calibration when it is off, and 'corrects' itself. I just insert it, start it and forget it !
I have been able to get 10-21 days for most Dexcom sensors, with only the 2 hour startup time w/o readings, each 7 days. I calibrate 2-3/day, when it's convenient for me.
Very low maintenance.

I was never impressed with Carelink, and like the Dexcom software better. Although it is a disadvantage to not see the insulin and BG trends on the same timeline, it wasn't too important to me (my doctor missed it more). Since I often do a calibration at my pre-meal BG check, I can still have a pretty good idea looking at Dexcom charts where the food/bolus is, and review corresponding BG trends.

There are some things I missed that are on MM CGMS, and not on Dexcom. MM was nice to be able to scroll to see the specific readings at each 5 min increment. On Dexcom, you only see the number for current, and prior readings just see the dots on the screen. So sometimes it was hard to see if you might be slightly trending up or down, with a flat arrow. MM CGMS(Revel 523) had more 'stats on board', without downloading the pump, for example average Sensor BG by day, high/low, etc. Also had predictive alarms and more options for some of the alarms and time periods for different high/low numbers.

Thank you very much for your replies! I really appreciate all of the details you've given me and the various reasons you think it's worth it to have both systems. I think I'm convinced! :)

Thanks, I found this comparison very helpful. I am considering switching from the real time to the Dexcom.

By "combination" you mean the Paradigm and the Dexcom?


Paradigm Pump + G4 = :-)

Jealous!!! I wish I had a T1 happy hour meetup group!

You might!
I was eating Pho one day in Seattle and when I injected (this was pre-pump) another customer asked me how long I've been diabetic.
We talked and she mentioned that Seattle has a Type I Diabetes Facebook group that meets once a month at a bar:

I'm not on Facebook, so I didn't know about it, but I've been going ever since!

Search online and maybe your city has one as well (or you can start one! :-)

It's been as useful to me as tudiabetes for all the many T1 questions that arise!

Good idea! Thanks.

Update: I did get the G4 and have had it on for two weeks now. As everyone said, it's amazing. I can't believe how accurate it is, and how comfortable it is to wear. It really is about a million times better than the Real Time--they hardly even compare. I definitely agree with those who told me that it's worth it to have two separate devices.

My only complaints so far (in case anyone will find this helpful):
--the sensor part sticks out fairly far from your abdomen (especially getting noticeable now that I'm pregnant!)
--the belt clip is very difficult to put on and take off (and sometimes you need it, like when you're walking around the house wearing pjs with no pockets)
--the Dexcom software only works with Windows, and I have a Mac. I'm thinking of asking a friend if I can use her PC once a week to upload my results so my NP can see them.

Bottom line: if anyone is in the same boat I was, I would really recommend getting the G4, even though it means keeping track of two different devices that don't work together. It's worth it if not ideal.

Glad to hear you are loving your new Dex 4! Along with others in this thread, I use the Dex with my MM. I pumped with the Paradigm 522 for four years, upgraded to the Revel earlier this year...but kept my Dex. I have been using the Dexcom (7+ and now the current G4) for three years alongside my MM. For a pump, I love my MM. Does the job, reliable etc. Their CGMS? Can't even compare to the Dexcom. Yes, it is VERY much worth having two devices.

-If I remember correctly, in the tudiabetes interview with the CEO of Dexcom, he mentioned that the next Dexcom will be smaller and not stick out as much, but for the G4 they were trying to get it to be as accurate as possible (and not focusing as much on keeping it compact):

-I don't mind the clip, but I know a lot of people hate it and have come up with alternatives:

-This is my only beef with Dexcom, because if you were to go buy a new computer today: you cannot use the Dexcom software (since new computers are either Macs or Windows 8, which they don't support). This is crazy, and they really should address it sooner than their plan to do it all on the web for the next model (which the CEO also mentioned in the above video).

BTW If your friend's PC is Windows 8, here is the solution thanks to a tudiabetes member:


Thanks for the info and links! I agree that it's nuts that you can't use the Dexcom software on a Mac (old or new) or a new PC. It's really frustrating, and I hope they address it soon.