Any natural ways to speed up recovery from retinal hemmorhage?

Hello. I am 45-years-old and have had T2 for approx. 12 years. A couple of years ago I started to get floaters in my vision. I have had laser in both eyes and recently started to get injections in my left eye. New doctor advised me I need a vitrectomy in my right eye. I am scheduling that surgery in early August. The right eye started filling up again last month and the blood does not seem to be disappating. My left eye has been my “go to” eye and suffered a bleed last week. I can still see out of it but was wondering if anyone has any tips (positioning, supplements, etc) as to speed up the process where my body will absorb the blood quicker? Thanks in advance.

When my second eye started bleeding the rupture was right in the center of the macula, so there was no seeing around it other than a little peripheral vision at the bottom. My surgeon never offered up any suggestions for helping the blood dissipate.

I was told to keep my head elevated (including when sleeping, so use extra pillows or whatnot), to avoid doing anything that jostles me around as much as possible/be as still as I can, avoid omega 3 fatty acid supplements (can increase leaking), and avoid alcohol (thins the blood). Otherwise it just really takes a while—I’ve found that while I usually go from very blurry (can’t see much with that eye at all) to a point where I can see but still have significant debris/bits hanging around quickly (maybe within a week), those bits take many months to settle at the bottom of the eye and then go away. The worse the initial bleed, the longer it takes, and people vary in how well their eyes can clear the blood. Age is apparently also a factor in several ways. Good luck!

I was told not to bend over so that my head is down and don’t pick anything up more than 5 pounds.

did you call the doctor about your left eye?

Thanks for the responses. He gave me another Avastin injection. From what I learned the injection prevents future bleeds but does not help with a current one.

I agree with Marie, the standard that I have always heard was not to move one’s head up and down rapidly, (no headbanging concerts) and do not bend forward, instead stoop. Also, no rapid standing and sitting.

It makes sense but is easier said than done.

I have a friend who broke his neck a few months ago, falling down a slope. During his slow and mainly successful recovery, he was also given that advice about not bending or lifting anything heavier than 5 lbs.

Shhh! I told my partner it was 5 ounces. :wink:

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Positioning is an individual thing,depending on circumstances. Don’t lift anything you shouldn’t. You are only looking for a setback. My retinopathy is not related to diabetes,but they could end in the same results. Blind in the only eye I have. Nancy

One piece of advice I don’t see you mention is to avoid all blood thinning medications (this includes most painkillers, including aspirin). I had severe proliferative retinopathy starting about 15 years ago. I had thousands of lasers shots to my eyes over the next year or two. Since then, except for one minor bleed, I have been doing great. I also had one major bleed during this original period, which took about four months to clear up. My doctor never suggested a vitrectomy, but said it might be considered in the future if things got worse. I won’t give you any medical advice, but you might consider getting a second opinion if you are concerned. Sorry, but I didn’t find anything to speed the healing process up, except to keep from making it worse by all the suggestions above (heavy lifting, head in a down position, etc.)

I’m glad somebody else has mentioned this, because I thought it was just me. My endo once recommended I take a low-dose aspirin every day, but each time I started on it, I soon noticed small bleeds in my eyes. (I have a history of retinopathy.) Stop the aspirin, eyes clear up. Start the aspirin, notice small bleeds. My endo said he’d never heard of such a thing, and my retinal specialist said he’d never heard of such a thing. But I stopped anyway. It was too risky.

Thank you all again. I was taking an aspirin a day but am stopping. I do like my beer so will have to curb that as well. Being a father of three and married this is really scaring me. It is totally my fault as I have accepted. For years after I was diagnosed with T2 I was in denial. Rarely tested myself and just popped a metformin a day. I told my doctor he can give my name and number to any young adult patient he may diagnose with the disease. I can tell them not to be foolish as I was. Thanks again folks.

Don’t beat yourself up. Things happen in life. Look towards the future. Do the best you can follow your plan. Ask your opthamologist to refer you to the Division of the Blind for Rehab. So you can keep working. Nancy

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Clearing out after a big eye bleed is a frustrating waiting game. I have had to go through it several times. You just have to wait it out. I don’t think there is anything, short of having a vitrectomy, to make the blood go away any faster.

Do something you enjoy to help take your mind off the situation.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I’m a type I. Just had my first bleed in my ‘bad’ eye in about seven years or more. The darn thing went the other day and now I remember the joy of it all. I had 1200 burns done to this eye and didn’t think it could go again, but there it went. The hardest thing is not feeling real secure about driving, and not doing any lifting. And oh, explaining to people that if I cannot see out the doctor cannot see in to do the laser. And, telling people that they can’t see this, and I cannot use eye drops or anything to make it better. sigh. Prayers for a speedy recovery for all.

Seven years? What you think brought it on?

I know this is an old post but I have been dealing with this for 1 year now. I do not have diabetes. I was advised to be tested. Im just going through my 3rd bleed after being clear for 2 months. I was wrestling with a ream of copy paper. I was also 1 week away from my next Drs visit & was hoping he could take care of the wayward vein. Too late.

I am experimenting with vitamins & have tried vitamin C, MSM and coQ10. I have recently read about & added enzymes ( papaya & bromelain) and also ACV capsules to the mix and find that they work quite well at speeding up the absorption. it seems the papaya enzymes work best. I am very active and its hard slowing down. I also have to work for another 10 years Its very difficult.

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How are the supplements working for you? I have had the worst time…the eye that was lasered a few weeks ago has gone and busted in a huge way. Worse bleed I have had for years. Too much to do…frustrating. I wonder if stress can cause it?

Laura ,

I am finding that they work very well. Im taking Papaya enzyme 3 tabs p/day. MSM 1000 mg 1 p/day and Garlic oil caps450 mg 1 or 2 p/day. and the ACV 450 mg 1 per day. Ive found that this halves the clearing time ( compared to last time). Im almost clear after 1 month compared to 2 months last time. I can drive at night after 2 weeks, compared to 2 months from last time. May try double the dose & see what happens. I would recommend to go ahead & do that. These vitamins are pretty cheap.

Ive been told I had thin retinas for years. I had 4 retinal tears in one eye from rubbing it. Had the laser, but was told that a vein grew where the laser is. These weak veins bleed very easily & need to be cauterized ( more laser ) . Trying to get clear enough for doc to see to do that.

For me ‘struggling’ seems to do it. Bending & lifting stuff did it the last 2 times. I’ve cut out arm work at the gym. Go easy. Better yet, let someone else do it. Im very active , so its tough.

Im trying to get to a point where my doc can laser that vein. Try the supplements…