ANY news on dexcom/Animas Vibe approval?

IS there ANY news on the FDA approval for the Dexcom/Vibe connectivity?

My medtronic pump (out of warranty) is now failing, so big pump decisions may be coming this week. I would love to switch to the Vibe if in fact it was happening, but if it will be months or years of delay may have to stick with minimed for another 4 years… grrr...

For Animas customers, is there an upgrade path from there current pump to the Vibe if and when it is approved?

Thanks in advance, it sounds like the rumor mill is fairly dry at the moment...

If you're going to need a new pump anyway, get the conversation going with Animas right away. Then start asking them these questions. You tend to get more info in a pre-sales situation than as a current customer. Let us know here if you learn anything.

I got my Dexcom and Ping over a year ago and am still waiting. I bought them both since they assured me that it was less than 6 months away. But I'm glad I did, I still like them very well even if they don't communicate together...yet.,aid_274185&dfpLayout=blog

Dean Kamen, who helped invent the insulin pump (and the Segway) says we are to blame and not the FDA. Not sure I believe that one.

I got my Ping about 20 months ago and wonder if we’ll ever see the Vibe. I’m used to the Ping, but still don’t like it.

Waiting on news from Dexcom rep, but have the COT (continuation of Therapy) pump from Medtronics for 90 days, so will see where it goes…

Most people consider Dexcom to be much better than Medtronic sensors. I always liked my Medtronic pumps, but will not leave Dexcom.

Things didn’t turn out so well for Dean’s successor.

Update: Waiting it out with the 90-day minimed replacement pump, so if the Vibe is here by mid-October, great. Otherwise I did like the Ping and would go that route and wait for the upgrade.

Any guesses on whether Dexcom will fill the upgrade orders first, or bring it straight to market for new customers?? Leaning toward the latter, but who knows.


It's going to be Animas that will be dealing with the pump orders (not Dexcom). I have talked to several of Animas' UK management people. I KNOW they are pretty fed up about the delay in approval in the US. Since they have been supplying Vibes to most other countries in the world for several years, I would guess they have a stockpile ready to go. Remember that they are in competition with MM who are the biggest players in the pump market. Being able to provide an integrated system to compete with the Enlite/Veo/530G will give their sales a huge boost (particularly since the Dexcom CGMS is demonstrably superior).

In the UK Animas also supply the Dexcom sensors, transmitter etc.. You can buy them Direct from Dexcom's reps (if you are using the standalone system), but Animas charge about 25% less - useful if you are self-funding.


Thanks, Joel -

Yes, meant Animas! Word on the street seems more substantial then in the past for approval October-ish, but will continue to keep fingers crossed. But AM looking forward to the waterproof aspect of the Ping/Vibe, too...

I am a medtronic user with a stand alone DexcomG4 CGMS user ( since 8 days ago ) ...the Vibe has been available in Canada since ??

So, no major news on the Vibe FDA approval - BUT decided not to push my luck with the "out of warranty" deadline on the minimed replacement and am ordering the Animas Ping today - hopefully they will have a program to waive the $99 upgrade cost if the Vibe comes out in the next month or two. Word on the street time wise is that the Animas reps were suppose to be scheduling appointments with dr.'s offices in October to prep for the Vibe release. No idea if that actually is happening…

Looking forward to the waterproof Ping even without the Dexcom connectivity!