Latest on Dexcom and Animas?

Hi All -

I have been using the dexcom Seven plus for 2-3 years and am now upgrading to the G4 (if the insurance/salespeople/drs offices ever get their act together and ship it!). Either way, I was curious if there was any news on the Animas Vibe/Dexcom collaboration getting approval in the US. My minimed pump is now out of warranty and I wanted to wait and conceivably switch to the Animas Pump if it will be compatible with the new Dexcom…

Any thoughts out there on the latest news??

Same question from me. I've been on Dexcom for about 6 months. Was told when I got it that it would probably be out in about 6 months?

From what I’ve heard and read should be next 6 -8 months before we get Vibe … Animas has ( or at least had )deal where new ping owners get to upgrade for $100 when new device ( vibe ) becomes available ! I’m newly diagnosed and started pumping shorting after … Really like the Ping with remote features and really like separate dexcom receiver ! Not sure if I’ll "upgrade " but time will tell… Animas product is great … Good luck with your selection !

Some think it will be around year end 2013. When Dexcom G4 was released in Sept 2012, Animas needed time to prepare their FDA stuff with the released version of Dexcom. Animas submitted to FDA in April 2013.

The Animas Ping is not integrated with the Dexcom G4, but the Ping can be used with Dexcom, resulting in having 2 devices to carry. (3 if you count the meter remote).

Those with Animas Ping (under warranty), will be able to upgrade to Animas Vibe (for a fee). The Animas Vibe will work with either a new Dexcom G4 transmitter, or an existing Dexcom G4 transmitter you might already have from a stand-alone Dexcom G4 system.

For those that really like the Ping Remote, it may be a tough choice. The Animas Vibe WILL NOT have a meter-remote. But the Vibe pump screen will have the Dexcom 'screen' incorporated on it, so no need for the separate Dexcom receiver.

I currently have Minimed pump, with Dexcom G4, so have 2 devices. I may consider switching to Animas Vibe in a couple years when my MM warranty runs out, but I also see an advantage to having 2 separate devices. I can hear the alarms on my Dexcom better at night time, since I keep the receiver near/under my pillow. Have heard from users in Europe say that the CGMS alarms on the Vibe are not as loud, and the screen not as easy to see.
So I'll probably wait for a hands-on demo/trial of the Vibe, before deciding to switch, or to stay with my current MM / Dexcom double device situation.

Animas submitted the Vibe to the US FDA on April 15, 2013. I've read that six months is about as short a time to expect FDA clearance to market. That would be October 15, 2013.

I have a new Animas Ping and will only upgrade to the Vibe if I can maintain a separate Dex G4 receiver. Night-time alerts are too important to me to depend on the pump receiver to wake me. I've lived with the Ping for five years now and know without a doubt that it cannot reliably wake me up with a pump alarm.

If I upgrade to the Vibe, I will be able to do so without my insurance company's approval or knowledge. I figure that I will be able to replace my Dex G4 after it comes out of warranty late this year. Ideally I would like to operate the Vibe and its CGM receiver function when I am out and about during the day and then depend on the stand alone Dex receiver at night.

Last month I was told the process, once actually begun with FDA, would take 6 to 18 months.
When I said, "Yeah, I have been told that before several times over the last couple of years", I was assured that the approval process has actually begun.

Thanks everyone for the insights. Spoke to a dexcom rep today about the g4 shipping, and the reps certainly don’t seem to know much more then anyone else at this point. We shall see.


Ps. Went with the Pink dexcom.

According to the last Dexcom earnings call, FDA had some questions concerning the Vibe, & was awaiting a response from Animas.

Jeez, seems to me the FDA is way too busy trying to save us from ourselves. I envy the Europeans.