Any Other Bayer Contour Users?

This week was the last one that I used my good ole BD Link meter… I dumped it for a Bayer Contour. This was the moment of goodbye:

Any other Contour users around?

Why not try freestyle?

I used the Contour meter when I was first Dx’d. I really enjoyed the “no code”. The best part about that feature is the time saved because you didnt have to wait for the prompt to check the code.
It took the perfect amount of blood, and I found it very accurate and consistent.
I did not like the freestyle because I found the readings inaccurate.
Anyone want a unopened box of freestyle strips?

I use the Contour 2. It seems to work well, though I do seem to be getting higher readings when I use the Contour 2 strips (5 second) instead of the old microfills (15 seconds). Not sure which one is more accurate.

I have two of the original Contours in my meter collection. A nice device for those who prefer a simple tester; accurate and simple to use, but the lancet device is terrible.

i have used freestyle, freestryle flash, one touch ultra smart, and current use a one touch ultra 2 and i also have a one touch mini i keep at work. I like the one touch ultra 2 the best.

cody - why do you prefer one touch ultra 2?

out of all the meters, i have found it to be the most accurate for me.

ugh. I got a freebie for going to the class. I really hate having to put in the test strip every time. sigh… the 8 more test strips will most likely go out of date because I wont use it. Just too much hassle to test.

I agree that the lancing device is terrible.

Today, at the Diabetes Expo in Tampa, Gayle (another member of TuDiabetes) showed me the lancing device for the Accu-Check Aviva: I love it!

I’ve tried teh Aviva one too. A good lancing device (if you like cartridge loads) but I still prefer the BD lancer. The smooth, soft trigger allows me to avoid flinching in anticipation of the jab.

the lancing device for the new one touch meters

I use the One Touch device when I have my meter in my pocket since the BD lance is a bit long to carry in a front pocket.

i like the new one touch lancet device. Much easier to use than the long ones.

I love this lancet device! I have the BD link meter now, but at the JDRF Walk I did last weekend I picked up a Bayer Contour & an Accu-Chek Aviva (thus I now have the cool lancet device!). Mix and match is nice!

Meters certainly do come & go. For me, it looks like a ten-year supply of lancets in the Contour case…

I tend to save the old kits in a drawer. Good for extra parts sometimes. Today, I use a meter from one company, a case from another, and a lancet device from a third.

I continue to use the BD paradigm. Why? It’s easiest to use with the Medtronic on-line Carelink… With readings every 5 minutes for CGMS, it makes itt simple to understand all that data. I do look forward to when Minimed’s new partner comes out with the replacement meter this spring.

I use the Contour meter. It’s got some nice features, like the alarm to test after a meal. I do wonder why the alarm is set for 2 1/2 hours after the first test. I also agree that the lancing device is TERRIBLE. I use the One touch Ultra 2 lancing device instead. I think the meter is overall pretty accurate.

Although my insurance doesn’t pay for it, I also started using the Freestyle lite meter. LOVE THE METER and the fact that it has all the features and is still so small. I don’t like the readings. They are consistently higher than the Contour readings.

FYI, Contour users:

How do you know which is most accurate?? I bought a little all-in-one sidekick. It is small compact which I liked but it didn’t seem accurate. I use a one touch ultra mini, and after getting this sidekick I am doubting both of them… I tested 104 on OTUM and 88 then 96 on all-in-one sidekick. Is there a recommended meter?? (sorry I am a newbie)I test my first drop of blood should I be testing the second??? Thanks

I have about 10 contour meters… Will soon have about 28 more! ha ha ha