Anyone switching Bayer Contour Next?

I just received it in the mail from Medtronic. I just started using and like some features better than the One Touch Ultra Link. Any insight?

I love the Bayer Contour Next. It's so small, it tells you if you dont have enough blood and lets you add more onto the same strip so you dont waste it. Also it sends the number directly to your pump. That's so amazing to me!

It is supposed to be more accurate than the one touch. I like it better because it allows you to enter meter readings into the carelink log so that you have a record of all your tests, whether you have sent them to the pump or not. It is also a lot smaller and is easily carried in your pocket.

I agaree with SugarFreeOreo's comments. I like the meter so much, I ordered another one as a backup even though I expect to have to pay for it out of pocket. The only problem with the Bayer meter is that it does not warn you when testing if the battery charge is running low. You have to make a point of checking it. However, the charge lasts a long time and it is a lot cheaper and better than replacing batteries from time to time.

Just got my daughter's...haven't used it yet but hope the Contour Next strips are like the old Contour strips....took less blood than OneTouch. And will be happy to have a lit screen

dunno, I'm on the list to receive a Contour meter soon,as Blue Cross is now denying coverage for One touch strips.

Heard it thru the grapevine that some folks prefer the Bayer.

Does the Contour have a back light screen for nighttime testing ?

Out of curiosity, what features do you like better ?

Not really a fan. Had it since I got my CGM about two months ago. The Nextlink oval meter that automatically communicates with the pump is OK, but fallible It doesn't always calibrate, so you have to go in and do it manually anyway. The cheaper meters (I got two for $7.99 each from amazon) are OK, but pretty big.

I think the strips require more blood than my Freestyle Flash did. I'll be going back to those when I run out of Contour strips.

My endo says that all meters are inaccurate to a certain degree.

I switched to the Bayer from the One Touch. I do like that it has a light that you can turn on at the test strip port.Makes for easier night testing. Not sure how I feel about the USB charging yet. The consumer in me wants to just put in a new battery (not an option) because it does have to be recharged, a little longer than once a month. I didn't have to worry about batteries with the one touch but maybe 1-2 times a year. Also, big warning check with your insurance to see if the strips are contracted/covered!! I had to get special approval with Kaiser.

I have Kaiser also Amber. The approval process took forever, but finally I was approved for 8-10 strips a day.

it didn't take to long for me, my endo knew how to submit it... within a week. as far as quantity she just took how many (average) I was using and filled the prescription for it. I think I get like 12 a day, I don't test that often, but the option is there and with my CGM I don't need to test that much

That's another issue for me-getting a CGM from Kaiser. My endo basically said I'll never get approved through their process and to just pay cash for the sensors.

When it was first brought up in my apt they weren't to excited. But a couple overnight lows that I didn't feel (hypoglycmic unawareness) in the 40-50 range, I was woken up; didn't wake up from the low.. and they covered it right away. I've heard from others that that was how theirs was approved as well

Thanks for that info, I'm going to keep trying!

Bayer included a prescription drug card in ours to keep co pay at $15 per month.

I'm still trying to decide. My only reservation is about the rechargeable battery, but I do like the size, lit test strip port, and screen. If I chose to go with it, I'll just have to have a backup meter that I can change the batteries.

I love mine. I like the fact that I do not need a cord to transfer the information. It does not need to recharge as often as you might think.

If you use your meter on the computer to transfer the data to the care-link system the computer will charge the battery while you transferring data

they sent me an email...
well yeah i want a free meter. i'll have to find out if the healh ins. will cover
but it connected just fine with the pump, it lights up so i can see it in the dark.
and it doubles as the carelink reciever ..

and really? it will let you add more blood? that's Fantastic!

I have been using the Free style Lite since I was diagnosed in 2009 and so far, I havent come accross a meter that uses a lower blood sample. Also it allows you to add more bllod in case your sample was too small. I am curious about the Bayer Nextlink as it would communicate directly with the meter and I dont see a problem charging it once in a while.
How much blood sample do you need to test with the Bayer ?
Are the strips more costly thant he free style lite strips ?

I too prefer the Freestyle meter. I will be returning to it.

The Nextlink is, IMHO, clunky. It requires unnecessary button presses which, when you have one finger bleeding and needing pressure from the other hand to stop it, is really stupid design. Again, this is my opinion, obviously.

As for automatic calibration. Mine doesn't do it, as far as I can tell. It asks if you want to calibrate. But often,if not always, when I select yes, it doesn't do it! And then, of course, when it's time to calibrate the pump will alarm, even when you thought it had calibrated! WTF? This, of course, requires a second test. Great for Bayer and Medtronic (strip sales.) Not so good for the consumer.

Blood sample wise I find the Freestyle to be much more user friendly. Less blood, and not as many Error messages. Don't know about the cost comparison, but my guess is they're about the same.

My. 02 anyway.


Here is what my 12 year old daughter thinks of her new Bayer Contour Next Link vs. the One Touch Ultra Link

1. Less blood needed for test....the reason she hated switching to OneTouch when she first starting pumping was that it requires more blood for a sample

2. No coding number---hated that OneTouch had the coding number which could accidentally get changed

3. Easy to read display

4. Meter lets you know when it is sending data to pump and when pump has received it

5. Test strip port is "cool"

5. Charger fits into the same ac adapter as her need to use her computer to charge it (FYI she has an HTC phone)

6. Loves the size, even smaller than the non-linking OneTouch Ultra Mini she carries to school

7. Fits it the case better than the OneTouch Ultra Mini -- the Mini would bump the strip container and lancing device and buttons would accidentally get pressed causing changes in date and time

8. Prefers the Bayer lancing device and the multicolored lancets they included--she's 12..little things still excite her :-)

9. And my input: love that it beeps when it is ready, when it has enough blood etc. forgot how much I missed it when we started on OneTouch

10. The light up screen....when you are a parent stumbling into a dark room in the middle of the night the light up screen is AWESOME!

We just started yesterday and haven't tried all the features, but that's what a 12 year old has to say about it!