Pumpers that wanta be

Okay I have a question for all you pumpers out there. I am a T-2 with an Ab1-c of 5.8 Dr. is Crazy nuts and thinks this is wonderful. I agree. I’m insulin dep for over 8 years and am TIRED of giving myself a shot 6 times a day.and would like to switch to pump. I asked Kaiser and their first response is unless you are a T-1 in control or a T-2 outta control no luck. This seems backwards to me.
So my question is two fold. Is it still worth it to go to a pump ?
Are there any T-2’s that are Kaiser paitents and … how did you do it ???

Here is another discussion that might have some helpful tips, click here.

Kirstin… Thanks for the link. Dave. It took a bunch of fighting to get the A1c down to 5.8. I also know it will bounce again because that has been it’s history. For the last couple of months I’ve been “crashing” out in the middle of the night and the only thing that helps there is my dog jumping on me when he senses I’m low. (Shiloh is now going on 12 and not quite as active). Dr. is thrilled that my A1c is low but he too knows it will start the creep, I walk 6-10 miles a day, eat healthy, blah blah… but I go through this every summer. Come end of Sept and …
This is why I started to look at the pump. I also manage a theatre company so my lifestyle is varied and my hours are all over the chart too. Dr. tells me to stabilize my life but how can that be done when you have one production on stage and another in auditions and the other in the planning stages ?

Thanks Dave. I am Irish Green so I can be as stubborn as a mule. I whave already started to pester my Dr. I was and still am looking for a) advice on is it still worth it ? b) is it recommended for T-2. I’ve just started the research so I’m at step one. Any advice both Pro and Con is welcome.

I would say yes it would be worth going for the pump. My A1C was great but my blood sugars were not that great. If at first you do not succeed appeal, appeal and keep appealing. It is well worth the fight.

Met with the Nurses Tuesday. First they changed my insulin regimen and then my diet. I can live with that. Next step then was “Yes I am qualified for a pump.” Start on the 5 step program. Step one is to meet with them and get an ok from them. Step two is to prove I can carb count. and meet with the RN in two weeks with my food diary and log book. Step 3 is find out what my co pay is. Step 4 is the Endo and 5 is the Manufacture Rep. Anyone of these steps can stop the process but they have a 99% success rate. The 1% is when the co-pay is too much. So back to the old game, before it goes in my mouth … count it and write it down. Thanks everyone for suggestions. Now just on to the rest of the ordeal.