Lantus Solostar- once daily?

Last March, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and my A2C was 14.5. I started Lantus Solostar at night and worked up to 13 units.That brought my fasting BG to 79-150 . I was also taking Humalog before meals, between 3 and 4 units.

May- A1C=10
July (today) A1C=6.2 and fasting glucose=97

I had my endo appt today and he was delighted. I asked about the once a day Lantus and no Humalog. He suggested I try it but test after meals to see how it is going. So I started today. I hope it will work for me. I have heard that twice a day works better for some people. Any other users of the once a day Lantus Solostar? I do hope I can stay with it but, even if not, I know I can go back to what I was doing.

This was a happy day for me ;-)


Way to go. I am a type 2 also for about 10 years. My a1c has been creeping up on me. I am at a 7.0. I would not mind trying a once a day lantus shot to see what it would do to my numbers. Take care. I am in Texas and just came back from California. I can say the California weather sure made my numbers better. The crazy texas heat seems to impact my numbers.

I live in CA ;-)

Hi Beatrice,

I can imagine it'd be nice to only need one shot a day, but do understand that the lantus is a basal insulin. That means that it's supposed to keep your numbers under control when you're not even eating. Your body uses glucose all the time for its metabolic functions, and lantus regulates that part of your glucose metabolism.

For that reason, most people who need insulin also need a "bolus" insulin, which covers the glucose from your meals. Since you're a T2 and may be producing enough insulin to cover your meals, it is possible that you may no longer need the humalog. But you do need to test a lot to determine if, in fact, you don't need a bolus shot before meals. So, if the doctor didn't tell you this, you need to test 2 hours after each meal, and you time it from when you start the meal, not when you finish the meal.

Did your doctor say how long you need to test your post-meal bg's? I would think you probably should have a follow-up appointment already set up, yes?


Yes, I have to test 2 hours after meals. And yes, I have a follow-up appt. He did not tell me how long I have to keep the testing up. But he thought if the BG's stayed within a normal range for a month, I could test once a day, after dinner. He also said this was an experiment and it is possible I will have to return to the Lantus + Humalog. I also don't know what will happen if I eat a high carb meal. Time will tell.....test, test, test.

And possibly, I will do the Lantus as a twice a day shot.

As a type 1 diabetic I had MUCH better use with Lantus with twice a day injections. The total amount I needed was too much to take in one shot, esp overnight. But diabetes varies. Try it and see what your results are, that is the only way you will know if once a day works for you or not. Good luck.

My personal advice EVEN if the dr says its ok to test ONCE a day, that is not good advice, as a diabetic you should be testing multiple times..and it's esp for people who test once a day not good to test at the same time ALL the time, you just don't get an accurate picture of what your bg is doing at other times a day. Even so I'd recommend multi times a day, before meals and after.

I am testing after meals but I had not thought about before meals also. Good idea. Already, I see that my BG goes up after both lunch and dinner. But the fasting glucose is normal (between 90-130) If those BG increases keep going up, I'll try a 2nd Lantus shot in the morning and see what happens. And if that doesn't work, back to a night Lantus and Humalog before meals. This experiment is worth it, even if it does not work out.

Yes,and that is with my endo's approval. If that works, great. If not, back to Lantus + Humalog. As my endo says, nothing to lose by trying. And it would be nice if it does work.

Yes, it is nice :-)
If it works for me,great. If not, I'll go back to the combo. Today, after a Chinese lunch, my BG went down. Go figure. I am keeping detailed spreadsheets on this project.

Yes, after lots of testing, I went back to what worked for me in the first place. I am glad I tried it though. It was a learning experience.