Any Valeritas or V-Go users here?

I have been hearing and seeing this product for a long time now, but I have never met anyone who uses it. Anyone here uses it or has used it?

Valeritas touts new data for insulin delivery device

No, but I take 30 units of lantus a day. Not clear if it is useful to me. Nancy

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I think that several of the larger insurer (BCBS) will not cover this item. It is aimed squarely at the t2 MKT, but I think it’s easier to get a traditional pump then the V go.

This is true but it is poorly suited for many type 2. Their largest version can do a basal of 1.67 units per hour. This sound like a lot but not for a resistant T2. The same size pump can deliver only 36 units of bolus per pump each day, again not always enough for a resistant.

They are designed to work for one day only. That means a daily site change.

Type 2 is such a variable disease and insulin use varies greatly, it could very well work for many but is not for all. I think I will stay with my Tandem pump.

@Stemwinder_Gary, I wholehearted agree with your statements. I personally
have IR, and my needs are far greater than the V-Go’s capacity. Like you I
have opted for a Tandem pump, which I am extremely happy with.

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I really would like to buy a V-go, but can’t find a website.
Does anybody know where?