Any Whipple Surgery survivors?

Hi everyone,

My mother had a Whipple Surgery on Monday ( to remove tumors from the head of her pancreas). She was on a full liquid diet( broth to be exact) for 7 days then she was discharged. She didn’t have any Diarrhea while she was in the hospital and the Dr told us she can have soft solids…banana, melted rice, soft bread when she goes home.

Last night, her diarrhea episode started…and I hate to be so TMI about this but she’s had about over 10 bowel movements…THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I know of Whipple patients that were put on Enzymes after the surgery, yet when my mother asked for them…the Dr. said no and that they are only for patients that have their entire pancreas removed. This is incorrect, as others I know didn’t have the entire Pancreas removed.

*********What do I do? How can I convince the Dr. that she needs them? I am afraid with the constant bathroom visits, she will lose a load of weight.

*********OH AND ALSO ANOTHER THING!!! The endocrinologist from the Hospital, put her on 12 units of LANTUS after surgery!

*********She was on 25 units before and on Tresiba, and her blood sugar levels were great!

seriously, what the heck?

Completely mentally exhausted from the run around but what to do, my Mother needs me.

I am glad to hear that your mother got through the surgery but sorry to hear that her recovery has not been complication-free.

RE how to convince the Dr. that your mother needs pancreatic enzymes? Inform her/him in great detail about your mother’s current symptoms and ask whether these enzymes could effectively treat her diarrhea.

I hope this is only a temporary setback, and that your mother continues on to a full recovery quickly. As always, my thoughts are with you two. :hearts:

Thank you so much Rgcainmd!

I truly do appreciate the support, it means so much!

Love and light to you and yours

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