Update on Mom's biopsy results

Hi everyone,

Mom had her Endoscopy yesterday( man oh man, did they knock her out. She slept for 11 hours straight after the procedure).

Good news?

  • My mother and I met with her Surgeon earlier today and the final verdict is: She has two tumors located at the head of her pancreas( one is about 3.3 cm and another one was about 1.3/ 1.4 cm in length). Both are benign, I feel very relieved knowing they are not malignant because it would have absolutely broken her heart to go through chemotherapy.

Her surgery will be in two weeks. Many of you don’t know that I reside in NYC, the hospital she has been going to was Bellevue Hospital. They did ABSOLUTELY nothing for two years to take the necessary steps to correctly diagnose her. Every time she asked for a CT scan/ mri- her doctor always refused. I decided to take her out of Bellevue and took her to Mount Sinai instead and they were able to diagnose her, correctly.

The bad news?

  • It will take her a good few months to recover( 2-4 months) and she will experience discomfort pain wise for at least 6 months. Oh, she may lose more weight ( BIG SIGH).

I will keep you all updated on her health. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has prayed for my mom, responded back to my post and has gone out of their way to send me private messages- I truly do appreciate it.

I will check in weekly with updates.
Hope all you stay safe and healthy.


Glad to hear the good news, and sorry about the not-so-good-news. Keep hanging in there, and we will continue to do our best to support you and your mother by being here for you on TuD.

Sending more hugs and positive thoughts your way… :hearts:

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This is great news! (Or as good as can be hoped) But the fact that they are benign is such good news. Praying for a quick and uncomplicated surgery with a quick recovery.

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excellent news, very happy for you and your family that everything is benign. mount sinai is GREAT!! you must be so relieved to not have to go to bellevue. good luck with everything!

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I’m so sorry she has to have the surgery and she had such bad med treatment. I’m glad she finally got a diagnosis and the tumors are benign. I hope she has a speedy recovery and doesn’t suffer a lot. :heart_eyes_cat:

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes.

My Mother will be having surgery( Whipple Surgery) done this Monday ( to remove the two tumors-) from the head of her Pancreas. I am very nervous. She also had a colonoscopy done yesterday and they found a tiny polyp, luckily they were able to get it removed. She didn’t want to have a colonoscopy by any means, I had to basically force her. I’m glad that I did, otherwise that polyp would have been hanging out where it clearly doesn’t belong.

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much, everyone. Stay safe and healthy.


Thanks for the update, Tinsyl. Both you and your mom are in my thoughts. Remember to take care of yourself while you take care of your mom, OK?