Anybody have photos of a NORMAL person's data with dexcom?

Kennedy a new website for fundraising for walk next month and I am curious if we can get a photo of this, to contrast with HER dex data for a week.

I'll bet they would look impressive against one another?

Our doctor wore dex for a while ( not diabetic) and I am trying to get some screen shots from vandy, but if anyone else has done this experiement I'd love to have a photo.

See the link to see the dex screen shot I'm talking about

what do you mean with a normal person?

I think they mean normal-without D. that would be interesting to see!

I'm pretty sure she means "gluco-normal."

Don't have photo but good luck with the "after picture" and enjoy the benefits of the G4. Glad to see Kennedy can take advantage of the CGM.
This link is not photographic but it does have the data from a gluco-normal non diabetic control who wore a CGM for 2 weeks.