Anybody have trouble with repeated infections?

I have had four MRSA infections this year…and others. In my mid-30’s this might be becoming an issue. You think this is just the aging process as a diabetic?

What are your treatment options right now? MDI/ CGM/ Pump?

I ask because pump and CGM subject you to many more infection possibilities.

If you are on Pump and/or CGM, there is a regimen for those subject to infections, which is different than the “regular” public – but I figure you already know about all that!

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about that with my Doc, but I have never had infection at the infusion site. I’m on Omnipod pump and Dex. ???

I had assumed your infections were insertion-related.

25-50% of PWDs are staph carriers. Staph carriers are more subject to infections, in particular insertion-related infections, and are supposed to undergo a special regimen to avoid such infections with Dexcom and pump insertions. They can involve, among other things, the use of other disinfecting agents beyond alcohol (such as betadine etc.), extensive use of antibacterial soap, and special treatment for the nasal cavities.

I imagine that other MOs may be applicable in general if you are a staph carrier, but I don’t know them.

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Have you seen an infectious disease specialist with significant experience treating MRSA?

I think the safest approach would be to consider this abnormal and needing good resolution.

I think I’m probably a carrier of community based MRSA. Its pretty run of the mill. Sucks, but it treatable. I get other infections with some frequency. Perhaps this is a side effect of having worked in healthcare, more than a side effect of diabetes. I don’t know. The girl at the gas station by my house has a strain that they haven’t been able to identify, so it has been recommended that she go down to see the infectious disease specialist. Stuff is floating around. Its a little spooky. I’m worried I will pass it to other T1’s that I come into contact with and have been avoiding them.

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