Site infection and antibiotics

After 33 years doing MDI, I finally got a pump (Omnipod) a few weeks ago. So far I love it, but I managed to get an infusion site infection on only my 5th pod or so :frowning: It was quite red, raised and puffy and about 2” across so I went to the doctor who gave me a round of clindamycin. Anyone else been given oral antibiotics for a site infection and have it be effective? How long did it take to kick in? I’ve been on them for a day and a half and not seeing any noticeable improvement yet, and the red area has continued to grow (but more slowly I think). Trying to get an idea of how long it might take to see it improving, and when I should go see my own doctor if I’m not seeing it get better.

In over 30 years of pumping, I’ve only had one infusion site infection. It was red and inflamed in an egg-shaped raised mound. My doctor referred me to a vascular surgeon. The surgeon lanced it and I did take some follow-up antibiotics. It resolved nicely.

On a side note, and this may not contain anything meaningful for you, I took clindamycin for a dental infection and was left with a difficult to shake c-dificile infection. I was told by a pharmacist at the time that clindamycin was notorious for this.

I think if your site infection doesn’t start to look better with reduced swelling and redness within a few days, I would talk to the doctor again. I imagine your blood glucose is higher and harder to control with the infection-induced insulin resistance. Hyperglycemia is fertile ground for infections to get worse. Watch this closely!

Thanks for the reply Terry!

I’m on clindamycin since I have an allergy to most penicillins - I have taken it before without issue so hopefully this time will be ok too. Does not sound fun about the c dificile!

I’m going to give it till tomorrow (48 hours) and if no improvement will go see my doc. The area does have a hard lumpy area under the site wound that I suspect may need lancing :frowning:

Fortunately my blood sugars haven’t been unusually elevated, which I take as a hopeful sign maybe the antibiotics are working and/or the infection isn’t too severe.

For me, this would be a hopeful sign that the infection is in retreat. When I have any infection, my blood glucose trends very high and resists correction. Good luck treating this!