Anybody heard of the Protege Study for Recent Type 1 Diabetes Dx?

Anyone heard of it? I just saw it on the Google Ads on the site here:

Well, that’s interesting. I hadn’t heard of this clinical trial. They didn’t mention
if this drug had been tested on mice/rats/other animals first, as they usually do.

It’s not in many countries yet. Only 9. I guess that’s because it was only started
in June. My closest is London, Ontario. It’s waaay too late for me anyways. :smiley:
But that’s okay.

I wonder if anyone knows for sure when a Person’s beta cells are totally Kaput.
I’ve heard different view points but no definite answer on the number of years. I
suppose like everything else, there is no absolute amount of years since everyone
is different. I’ve even heard the idea that a Diabetic always has some left even if
a few. That I doubt.

I wonder if this drug could totally regenerate beta cells in some People so that they
no longer needed this drug.

Okay scratch that…it has been used on animals(and humans). Teplizumab does
sound interesting(although the name is scary :smiley: ). Evidently, it can be used for many
autoimmune diseases and Eli Lilly seems to think a lot about it since they want to buy
the rights to it.

I haven’t read the whole article since I’m tired so I wonder if it mentions what side-effects
Teplizumab has. And then there’s tomorrow…Interesting find Manny. :o)